Why Players Should Consider a “Hunter” Build

Forbidden Horizon West offers players a game where they are free to choose any tactic while taking on the biggest and most powerful machines. Aloy’s arsenal makes her extremely versatile, and while there’s a big push from the game to diversify skill point allocations, focusing on certain trees is more efficient and can help improve the effectiveness of certain trees. constructions. Among the many builds available to players in Forbidden Horizon Westthe Hunter version is arguably the safest option, especially for players new to the series, as it relies heavily on Aloy’s vast arsenal of weapons and power-amping skills.

The Integrated Hunter Forbidden Horizon West allows players to improve many areas of Aloy’s archery skills, giving her abilities such as Concentration, which allows players to temporarily slow time while aiming and increases damage. While the Hunter tree also gives extra benefits to heavy weapons, it provides massive buffs to ranged weapons through Valor Surges and skills that prove to be one of the most effective ways to destroy machinery.

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Horizon Forbidden West Hunter Skill Tree

The skills under the Hunter tree are the main reason why this build is such a popular choice among players, as most of these skills help with aiming and dealing more damage. This means that progressing through this tree can result in powerful attacks that can take out even the toughest machines in the world. Forbidden Horizon West in a few moments. At the highest level of the Hunter build, the skills learned will make the game much easier and require little to no planning before any fights, which is appealing to new players.

Skills like Concentration and Triple Notch are great additions to Aloy’s arsenal, but the real threat to the Hunter build lies in the Valor Surge, Ranged Master, and Powershots abilities. These skills will increase the damage dealt by Aloy, with Ranged Master increasing the damage of all ranged weapons for a period of time, while Powershots improve the damage of bows, boltblasters, Ropecasters, and spike throwers. These are two of the strongest Valor Surge abilities in Forbidden Horizon West and will be the best weapon available for players considering the Hunter Build.

Horizon Forbidden West Hunter Tactics Are Simple

The Hunter build prides itself on its ranged ability and the short damage boosts provided by Valor Surge abilities. Unlike other builds, such as the Trapper, which would require you to plan and place the traps before initiating a fight, a Hunter can go in and catch a machine off guard, dealing a lot of initial damage before backing up and taking out the machine from a distance.

This simplicity makes the Hunter build perfect for all newcomers and all players hoping for an easy reading of Forbidden Horizon West to live the story. The Hunter does well against individual machines or a group of weaker machines; however, when faced with a large group of machines, it would be safer to back off and take them out from a distance or stealthily. Since most machines in the game have short and medium range attacks, using a Hunter build will ensure that Aloy stays out of harm’s way while dealing continuous damage.

The simple tactics needed to excel at this build, coupled with the variety offered by the skill tree, really make the Hunter build ideal for beginners. From powerful Bravery thrusts to sneak attacks, this build has a unique playstyle that relies more on consistent damage than strategic traps or machine replacements. The main feature of this build, however, is the fact that it really lets Aloy’s arsenal shine and makes exploring the world to collect better weapons an essential task. The reliance on weapons and essential skills and abilities makes the hunter a popular choice for Forbidden Horizon West players.

Forbidden Horizon West is available for PS4 and PS5.

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