Weird West: Best Bounty Hunter Builds

With the release of Weird West, players have found ways to build their characters, but some abilities are better than others.

Weird West puts an interesting spin on western cowboy games by letting players choose how to build their characters’ arsenal of abilities. The isometric RPG style is very reminiscent of games like underworld and The gate of death but this game has a much slower pace with an interesting story. There are a total of five characters that can be played in Weird West However, it is mandatory to start with Bounty Hunter as she is the equivalent of the tutorial character to help players get used to the gameplay.

Even though the bounty hunter of Weird West is a starter character, it is still possible to build it up and cater to specific player playstyles, as the bounty hunter is a standard all-purpose character. The Hunter has the ability to get up close and personal in combat similar to the Pigman in Weird West but she also has weapons that are great for long range combat like bow and especially guns. On top of that, there are ways to grant perks during gameplay that help on a larger scale and ways to gain specific abilities for equipped weapons and character-specific abilities as well.


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To level up and earn all these bonuses, it’s not enough to fight the toughest enemies and earn experience points. Learn new skills in Weird West is run by collectibles called Nimp Relics and Golden Ace of Spades which can be found across the world in many different nooks and crannies. The Golden Ace of Spades is usually found in hard-to-reach places or by entering an important area with stealth and flying if found while looting. However, it is also possible to earn a golden ace of spades by completing certain missions that the townspeople give. When it comes to Nimp Relics, they are much easier to find than Aces, as Nimp Relics can potentially be purchased from traveling vendors. Nimp Relics in Weird West are also much easier to find as they can be found during some of the small altercations when traveling to a new area, and there are usually multiple Nimp Relics in areas compared to the usual one or two Aces of sting in an area.

How to level up in Weird West

Weird West Bounty Hunter Gameplay

Starting with character specific abilities, a few can be gained by using a Nimp relic, or sometimes it can be more but only up to a maximum of three. The best start for the Bounty Hunter would be revolver abilities. Abilities like High Noon and the Lightning Rounds magic replacement ability provide great crowd control and damage passives. The revolver is also the hunter’s starting weapon, but soon after defeating a few enemies, it’s possible to loot their corpses to get new weapons like a double-barreled shotgun or shotgun. Rifle is the best choice for good range and damage to unconscious enemies. Unconscious is a state disease in Weird West which does extra damage against targets that are unaware and still patrolling as standard.

The second best ability is the Sentry Silencer which is best used in sneaky situations because when activated, the next shot fired from the rifle becomes silent and it deals 200% more damage to unconscious targets. This basically shoots most enemies and doesn’t make noise to alert enemies to players’ locations, which is perfect for a sneaky build and playstyle. The bow is another versatile weapon as it is silent but can do massive damage in the right situations or provide a good opener to a battle. The Bounty Hunter can also be a Warlord and a build like this would require abilities like Round Kick and Quick Thinker which have great synergy with melee combat. It’s even better with abilities like Spinning Strike which damages all enemies in melee range and stuns them for three seconds, opening up the possibility of dealing massive damage with Adrenaline due to the 50% increase in attack speed.

Let’s move on to gear and weapons in Weird West, the Bounty Hunter can equip 5 different main weapons and they are revolver, shotgun, rifle, bow and a melee. There are also consumable throwing weapons that can be used like dynamite. Players can build their characters like lego by encountering amulets which have different properties but are mostly used as status buffs or make it easier to trigger a status disease on enemies. Wearing these amulets can do a range of things like making enemies bleed on hit if it’s dark or automatically reloading a weapon if you land a critical hit.

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Weird WestBloodthirst’s Amulet works very well with Bloodthirst’s melee ability as it increases damage by 100% on bleeding targets. The last equipable item would be vests and vests are basic protection. They have a base protection stat and some may come with additional defenses like lighting resistance or poison resistance. Because most enemies are basic in the Bounty Hunter run, it’s best to prioritize basic protection as most enemies primarily do physical damage.

Finally, there are benefits that can be learned through adventures. Perks are teachable passive abilities that trigger after being leveled once, in order to activate them players need at least one of Weird WestAce of gold spades. With more golden aces these perks can be upgraded again for the bounty hunter, the best perk should be Hunter which grants an additional 5% movement speed when aiming down sights with rifles, shotguns and bows. Quick Reload is also good because the reload speed increases by 10% at the first level. The next big perk would be the Bullet Dodger which increases fire rate by 25% when time skipping. What makes perks really interesting is that they can be passed through other parties as other characters. So these perks can also be used in later runs and prove even more useful later on, such as the Healthy perk which increases base hitpoints by 10% and more at higher levels.

Sure, the bounty hunter is an introductory character, so it’s possible to build her differently, but those are the best things to use first and abilities to learn. In a standard game of the Bounty Hunter, it is easily possible to find many Nimp relics and end up having all the abilities available.

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Weird West is available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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