The Marty Moment On The Curse Of Oak Island That Rubbed Fans The Wrong Way

In season 9, episode 24, Rick Lagina is on the trail of the Templars in Portugal. Meanwhile, “back at the ranch,” Marty and his team of diggers attempt to find evidence of a Templar-built road connecting two of the island’s most important dig sites. While the majority of the show’s drama is derived from the close-but-cigar-free nature of their ongoing quest, Marty pulls a punch in “On the Road” that some fans found telling.

“Marty kicks Billy [Gerhardt] getting out of the backhoe for no good reason this week bothered me so much,” user sludgeface66 wrote, adding, “you have an expert digger out there doing a fantastic job… Yet you fire him from the backhoe to have your own little fun or show off your “skills”?” That’s a valid point, since Marty’s usurpation of his own hired pro’s machine seems both awkward and unnecessary. Many fans, however, have felt that this decision revealed more about Billy than Marty. As user PumpPie73 put it, “sometimes you need to please the boss. Once the cameras are off, Billy takes over.” The assessment was echoed by JRoc160, who compared Billy’s resignation to a teacher letting a student write on the board despite the latter’s incompetence.

User prospero_duke was more sympathetic to the show’s financier. In their comment, the fan wrote “Marty took center stage while Rick was gone so probably felt the need to do [something] contribute through active exploration instead of just comment…give it a break and let it ‘take over’ for a while…It pays dearly…” Fair enough .

Helen L. Cuellar