Silverstone proves happy hunting ground for podiums for Newark’s Nicholas Croydon Fowler


There was a podium and a new lap record for Nicholas Croydon Fowler in the fifth and sixth rounds of the Mini Seven Challenge.

The driver returned to Silverstone – where he achieved a podium in the second lap – and had just as much joy.

Qualifying saw 64 minis on the track, but with all the classes together it created a busy circuit which made it difficult to achieve a good time.

Credit: Matthew Barrington Photography. (48416330)

Despite the challenges, Croydon Fowler completed P5.

With a place to the front of the grid secured for the fifth round, Croydon Fowler quickly took third and positioned himself to attack the race leaders, but a mistake by the organizers ended the debate. .

“The first race was epic, there were positional changes every lap,” said the Newark Mini driver.

“I spent most of the race between second and third, patiently waiting for the last board of the lap to come out.

Credit: Matthew Barrington Photography.  (48416322)
Credit: Matthew Barrington Photography. (48416322)

“I was ready to jump on the last lap but unfortunately the marshals forgot to turn it off so I crossed the line in P3 a little disappointed and confused thinking I had missed it.”

The second race saw a similar drama, as a common grid saw more than 60 Minis start the race.

“Unfortunately I got stuck with the slower cars in the Miglia class and lost a good 15 seconds against the leading pack,” said Croydon Fowler.

“I drove clean and steady for the remaining 18 minutes and managed to break the lap record trying to chase the top three, but crossed the line for the P4.”

Credit: Matthew Barrington Photography.  (48416319)
Credit: Matthew Barrington Photography. (48416319)

Croydon Fowler finished three seconds off another podium, which would have been his third in the championship.

“There were so many positives to take away from the weekend,” he said.

“The new car is a rocket, it’s reliable and fast.

“A victory is on the way, come Cadwell Park – bring it. “

Croydon Fowler is heading to the Mini-Nürburgring circuit in three weeks.


Helen L. Cuellar

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