Rupert Murdoch asked Jerry Hall for a divorce over email

Despite his considerable influence on the mainstream media, not even Rupert Murdoch could suppress the news of his divorce from his fourth wife Jerry Hall.

What started as mere tabloid rumors were confirmed in recent days when the latter, who previously had a long-term relationship with Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger, formally filed a case in Los Angeles Superior Court citing irreconcilable differences. The way the 91-year-old media mogul decided to end his six-year marriage, however, is what’s garnering renewed attention: the email.

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Get a page out of your banal Chad/Brad/Thad‘s playbook, reports said Murdoch pulled the old “hello” and digital signature while Hall waited in Britain for him to join her. Which is as chill as it gets and some appropriate Logan Roy antics.

“Jerry is truly devastated by what happened and insists it was all a thunderclap,” a close friend said. The daily mail (Going through The Sydney Morning Herald).

“One day they were planning to be together for the summer in London, then there was this message asking her to only contact him through lawyers.”

“Everyone is sorry for her the way it worked out, but no one is more sorry than Jerry because she honestly still loves him.”

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As of this writing, Rupert Murdoch has an estimated net worth of US$17.9 billion / AU$26 billion. But given the airtight prenuptial agreement in place, Jerry Hall won’t receive a penny of that eye-watering sum. None of this will impact Murdoch’s corporate ownership structure either.

It looks like Rupert Murdoch learned his lesson from Marriage/Divorce #2 in 1999, where Anna Murdoch received a £1.5bn/$2.6bn settlement after more than 30 years together (the second divorce the most expensive in history).

Side note: the city boys are up.

Helen L. Cuellar