Review: Something Wilder by Christina Lauren

something wilder follows Lily Wilder, daughter of famed treasure hunter Duke Wilder, who left her in financial ruin. Decidedly unlucky, Lily leads a scavenger hunt retreat for tourists in the Utah wilderness with her best friend Nicole. Together they lead groups of fake treasure hunts and “roughing it” in nature, which proves to be a big hit with business tourists. Ready to leave her father’s sham and legacy behind for good, Lily’s latest tour finds her with none other than Leo Grady, the man who broke her heart years ago and the left in the dust. When their fake treasure hunt unexpectedly turns into a real one, Lily and Leo will have to work together to survive the dangers of nature and the greed of humanity.

something wilder is escapism at its finest and we love to see it. Christina Lauren said this book was written to escape the real world during this pandemic and woo boy, they delivered.

The shifts in perspective in this book have worked wonders. On the one hand, we have Lily Wilder who is tough as nails and very resentful of her father whose treasure-hunting antics not only defined his life, but threw too many wrenches into his aspirations for the future. coming. Then we have Leo Grady, the man who got her away from it all until he abruptly left without seemingly any attempt to contact her after his love-drunken summer with her on his farm. Now, Leo is a fixture in the corporate world, but he really feels like an unwittingly responsible adult for way too long. When these two feelings collide and old feelings resurface, so do a lot of questions about what really happened all those years ago. Not only the characters, but you, the reader, guess what will happen when all is revealed. Plus, Leo is an absolute simplistic to Lily and that makes him such a strong romantic hero because while Lily does her best to stay the course – which means romance isn’t in the cards for her so much that she didn’t get her life back – Leo’s genuine love and admiration for her is sure to leave readers swooning and silently pleading with Lily to give the guy another chance. Leo and Lily rekindle their romance with the odds against them for an incredibly moving reading experience.

What I liked the most something wilder is that it’s unlike anything Christina Lauren has ever written and yet doesn’t give up any of the elements that make their stories so enjoyable. This duo is known for their lovable characters – fierce heroines who lead them – and the witty dialogue that you can’t help but smile at.

Now, on top of that, we get a really fast-paced adventure, a mystery that will frustrate and compel you in equal measure, all set in a vivid and dangerous landscape that raises the stakes simply by pitting man against nature. It just made for such a fun reading experience. You get an edge of darkness from Leo’s friends who have different motives for taking Leo on this journey and lets you explore how far people are willing to go – how much they’re willing to sacrifice – to get what that they want. than more intense. The romantic plot and the adventure plot complement each other perfectly, one enhancing the experience of the other. Honestly, you can really tell the writers had a great time writing it because even the over-the-top moments that left me gasping out loud because how does this really happen??? were so fun you couldn’t help but be mesmerized by it all.

Although I don’t want to talk much about the plot because I feel like it’s one of those books where you should go in with as little information as possible to get the full escape treatment. , I will say that this story has – much like the cover – a heart of gold in the middle. There are discussions of grieving for someone who is still there, losing someone versus being left behind, the greed of men and the choice to overcome obstacles or to let down by them and they all enrich something wilder in the best way. If you’re looking for something out of the box to get you excited (again), you won’t want to miss this one, folks.

Christina Lauren manages to throw a curve ball to her readers and still hits a home run with something wilder. With unexpected twists and an undeniable chemistry between the protagonists, something wilder is a second-chance romance unlike any other book written by this authoring duo, but still encompassing what they do best: giving us unmistakable stories with a heart of gold.

something wilder is available from Amazon, Book Depository and other good book retailers, like your local bookstore, starting May 17, 2022.

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