Resident Evil: Why Nemesis Hunts STARS Members

Resident Evil 3 brings the Nemesis T-Type into the cannon as a terrifying and powerful foe. But why does he want to kill the last members of STARS?

the resident Evil The franchise has created some of the most iconic monsters and mutants in video game history. Of all his creations, none live up to the iconic Nemesis T-Type, also known as The Pursuer. The mutant is a creation from the parasite Nemesis Alpha. He is gargantuan in size and has immense strength, and carries with him a huge pistol on one arm. Of the ten orders he is able to follow, the most important is to eliminate the remaining members of the Special Tactical and Rescue Service (STARS).

STARS was created by the Raccoon City Police Department and is a task force of soldiers and scientists to deal with emergencies such as dangerous urban crime situations. Their mission ultimately leads them to the mansion from the very first resident Evil Game. Over there, most of the STARS are killed, but not before killing Tyrant T-002, a massive and deadly mutant. This project was of particular interest to Umbrella Corporation, which has never stopped looking for new ways to maximize its profits by creating deadly biological weapons.

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Shortly after the events of resident Evil, the Raccoon City epidemic has begun, leaving surviving STARS members Jill Valentine and Brad Vickers in a whole new war zone. For Umbrella Corporation, it was an opportunity to work on some of their top secret projects. This included testing their new bio-organic weapons known as Hunters and bringing the Nemesis T-Type out to the city.

The mutant wants to kill the STARS members because Umbrella wanted revenge after destroying their T-002 project. While most of the company’s plans are more calculated, this one was strictly for personal reasons. Jill’s struggle to escape the Pursuer is the backbone of Resident Evil 3 because he stalks her constantly at every turn. The remake makes it even more terrifying by allowing the Pursuer to wander close to Jill, making her appearances unpredictable.

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As Brad dies after being bitten by a zombie, Jill remains in the pursuer’s sights until the climax of Resident Evil 3. Their chase ends at a facility where Valentine uses all of her resources to kill the mutant once and for all. After mutating into an even more massive creature, conventional weapons don’t work against her. Instead, Jill uses an experimental railgun known as the FINGeR to punch a hole through her body (and some walls), killing the Pursuer for good.

The terrifying mutant is not only one of the most recognizable enemies of resident Evil, but it also represents how petty and complicit Umbrella Corporation is. Because one of their experimental mutants was killed, they sent an even more powerful one to clean up any issues. The Nemesis T-Type was just a glimpse of future horrors that would come from the company and its competitors. But while there are much more powerful mutants, none can match the terror and excitement the Pursuer creates.

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