Republicans call for new investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop

A growing number of Republicans across the country are demanding a new investigation into Hunter Biden after The New York Times confirmed the authenticity of a laptop whose contents were published by The Post 17 months ago.

Although The Post exclusively revealed in September 2020 the existence of Hunter Biden’s laptop and the potentially compromising material it contains, the story was censored by social media companies at the behest of the Democratic Party. . Mainstream media — including The Times — attacked or ignored the Post’s revelations, while the Biden administration falsely suggested it was part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

More than 50 intelligence agency officials publicly tried to discredit the cover, saying it had ‘classic hallmarks of a Russian information operation’ – and none offered an apology when contacted by The Post this week.

Upstate Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney said Saturday the episode demands action from Congress.

“Big Tech’s censorship of a story that the liberal media has now acknowledged as true just proves that a Republican House majority needs to take meaningful action to rein in Big Tech censors next year,” he said. she declared. “All options should be on the table, including investigations into their conduct and its impact on the Democratic process.”

Senator Ted Cruz says those who spread the “Russian disinformation” lie should be fired.
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In a tweet on Saturday, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel also demanded Big Tech’s “accountability” on the issue.

“It’s sad. We all talk about misinformation in Russia and other totalitarian countries and we learn that we have it here at home,” Staten Island GOP Rep. Nicole Malliotakis said.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) told the Post, “The most basic responsibility is to fire those responsible for the ‘Russian disinformation’ lie about Biden family corruption, including and especially the former officials of the intelligence who were elevated to the top of cable news because they pushed wild and unsubstantiated Russian conspiracy theories about President Trump.

Hunter Biden - Image of Hunter Biden's laptop.
Hunter Biden‘s international business dealings are already under federal investigation.

“Additionally, Big Tech leaders who have participated in censoring the truth should answer to Congress and the American people with sworn testimony,” he said Saturday.

The laptop – which Hunter left at John Paul Mac Isaac’s Delaware computer repair shop and contained evidence that he colluded with deep-pocketed corporations in China and Ukraine and that he was giving his father a cut – eventually made its way to Trump attorney and former mayor Rudy Giuliani. He brought it to the Post in September 2020. The Post authenticated the computer and its contents through interviews with pals of Mac Isaac and Biden whose emails were found on the hard drive.

The cover-up helped swing the election towards Biden. The media and social media only admitted they were wrong after the election, which Biden won with 51% of the popular vote. Nearly 50% of Biden voters knew nothing about the laptop scandal at election time and nearly 10% said they would not have voted for Biden if they had known about it, according to a Media survey Research Center.

Hunter Biden - Image of Hunter Biden's laptop.
Hunter Biden faces a federal investigation into his tax returns.

Hunter Biden is already facing a sprawling federal investigation into his tax filings and global business dealings, The New York Times finally reported this week.

“Do I feel justified? Giuliani told the Post on Saturday. “I don’t need The Times to feel vindicated. Even if the Times wanted to apologize – which it wouldn’t – I’d throw it back in their face. They are a disgraceful publication.

“This is just another example of how quickly the media shuts down anything that might shine a light on the corrupt Biden family,” Dr. Pennsylvania Senate. “As the next senator from Pennsylvania, I will support an investigation into the findings of Hunter Biden’s laptop and any effort to cover it up.”

Hunter Biden laptop - with Joe Biden on a military plane.
Joe and Hunter Biden on a military plane in a photo from Hunter’s laptop.

Legal experts have said a new investigation into Hunter Biden could potentially implicate his father, President Biden.

“There’s very damning evidence that Hunter Biden sold his father’s access when his father was vice president of the United States and it’s on his laptop and there’s even evidence that the vice president Joe Biden at the time might have known about it,” Mike said. Davis, former chief counsel for Senate Judiciary Committee appointments.

“The president must make it clear now that he will not interfere in any federal investigation into his son Hunter, and he will not use his presidential powers – including the power of pardon – to save his son if charges are brought against him. Hunter.”

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