Relic Hunters Legend announced at PAX East 2022 by Rogue Snail and Gearbox Publishing

Legend of the Relic Hunters born from the partnership between Rogue Snail and Gearbox Publishing.

Yesterday during the Gearbox Main Theater Show at PAX East 2022, Gearbox Publishing and Rogue Snail games were announced Legend of the Relic Hunters! A 4-game top-down cooperative looter, Legends of the Relic Hunters will surprise everyone, according to Gearbox founder Randy Pitchford. Pitchford said he went “…f*[email protected] nuts!” playing the game he played for nearly 40 hours straight. His unfiltered love of the game could be felt by all in the main theater and after seeing the Rogue Snail crew talk about the game, the hype for this game is at an all time high.

The Rogue Snail Development Team Talks About Legend of the Relic Hunters

Rogue Snail Games is a Brazilian team of developers who put their heart and soul into the Legend of the Relic Hunters and were so happy to share it with the world at PAX East. Passion emanates from the game’s dynamic look and compelling design. Rogue Snail community managers Lucy Guerror and Lelly Costa gave us a general overview of the game. Steve Gibson, President of Gearbox Publishing, adds to Pitchford’s sentiments saying ” we fell in love with the game…we played it so much…we can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on it!”

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Mark Venturelli, CEO of Rogue Snail and Creative Director of Legend of the Relic Hunters had this to say:

“It was here at PAX East, almost two years ago to the day, when we started conversations with Gearbox – now we’re unveiling our partnership to the world, and we couldn’t be more excited. Share on Legend of the Relic Hunters soon and how everyone can get involved.

Legend of the Relic Hunters is currently in development with no set release date. However, the key features of the game have been shared with us:

  • be a rebel – Online cooperative play for up to four players! Play the campaign solo, play with your friends or make new friends in this exciting and fun galactic adventure! Enhance your experience by joining the Legends of the Relic Hunters Official Discord Channel. Be among the first to learn about features in development and speak directly with the Rogue Snail team – make your voice heard!
  • Power on – Choose from multiple hunters with unique abilities, upgrade your gear, and customize your skills to perfect your relic hunting machine! Relic Hunters Legend is an exciting RPG where you can customize each hunter to suit your play style. Enjoy the theory building and tons of stats that will satisfy even the most hardcore gamers!
  • adventure awaits – Run and shoot online in 3D environments complete with clever enemies, cool abilities, and upgradable weapons and armor. Relax solo, with people you know, or help other rebels in need! Put on your gaming face and take on some serious challenges or a plunder mission whenever you feel like it.
  • PC optimized – With 4K resolution, unlocked frame rate, ultrawide support, plus fully customizable controls and plenty of options to make your gameplay smooth as butter.

The game will be free and can currently be added to your wishlist on Steam.

On Legend of the Relix Hunters

Release date: To be determined
Developer: Rogue Snail (Based in Minas Gerais, Brazil)
Editor: Gearbox Edition
Platforms: PC/Mac- Steam
The description:
Fast. Fluid. Fun. Free. Gather up to 4 friends online and go on a galactic adventure! Embark on a touching story of friendship and time travel, find awesome loot, customize your hunters with in-depth RPG systems, and experience the next generation of top-down shooter combat with a beautiful and innovative blend of 2D visuals and 3D.

What do you think Legend of the Relic Hunters? Are you eager to learn more? Do you believe how much Gearbox’s top brass talk about the game or do you think it’s a marketing tactic? Let us know what you think in the comments below and share your favorite top-down shooter games with us at Twitter.

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Helen L. Cuellar