‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ player hunts racists in-game

“Red Dead Online” Now has an infamous vigilante who hunts (and brutally murders) racists in the game.

Known only as “Yuhboi”, the Red Dead Redemption 2 player cleaned the streets of Blackwater in Saint Denis.

And he does not tolerate racists.


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Union Dixie Remix – Someone

Some players are using Rockstar Games’ highly customizable online Western RPG platform Red Dead Online recreate themselves as members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Dressed in white (and often sporting oversized hats or hoods), they are fairly easy to spot.

Not to mention that they seem to target the black characters in the game.

And while the white supremacist movement appears (briefly) in the offline portion of the game, there is clearly no room for them online.

Enter Yuhboi, who has started hunting down players who dress like members of the KKK.


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Union Dixie Remix – Someone

Tell his adventures on TIC Tac, Yuhboi hilariously eliminated the KKK members and posted the videos online. His first video, which has been viewed over 3 million times, shows a Klan member greeting Yuhboi as he approaches … oblivious to the fact that moments later he will be punched in the face, then brutally executed with a rifle shot in the lead.

Many users praised his actions, with comments supporting his swift withdrawals of potential KKK members. But others fear that just wearing white will now make it a target.

“People who say it looks good is like saying you want to wear klan dresses, but you’re not a racist,” one user said. “You can’t do it anyway – it symbolizes racism.”

However, in his first video, it’s clear that the white Klan player attacked and bound a black character, placing him in the middle of a railroad track. Not exactly a good look.

Right now there are six different videos describing his hilarious KKK eliminations.

And with his next growth, it looks like Yuhboi will continue to chase racists inside. Red Dead Online for the moment.

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