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The Quarry is the latest horror-adventure experience from Supermassive Games, well known for The Dark Pictures Anthology and Until Dawn. Their latest game follows a group of camp counselors as they survive a night full of surprises and terror.

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Throughout your journey in Hackett’s Quarry, you will witness a series of mysterious events and strange situations. While many of your questions will be answered after a game or two, there are still unsolved puzzles in every possible ending. You might not lose sleep over The Quarry’s monsters, but those nagging questions can keep you awake instead.

This article contains major spoilers for The Quarry. It is strongly recommended that you complete at least part of the game before continuing to read.


8 Where does Chris go during full moons during camp?

Chris Hackett seems like a wonderful leader for his summer camp. Based on his interactions with Ryan and the other advisors, Chris is admired and respected. No one knows he’s a werewolf, so it’s surprising no one questions his absence during full moons while camp is in session.

He’s incredibly unlikely to be hiding in the basement under the camp lodge with children, so maybe he’s heading to his family’s house in the woods to be confined? Either way, Chris seems to be the only real adult in Hackett’s Quarry, so it’s odd that no one noticed his absence at any point. If any of the kids got sick or there was an emergency, it would be up to Jacob and Dylan to make the peace and honestly, Chris in werewolf form is probably more capable than them.

seven Where does Laura’s eye patch come from?

One of the few inevitable events in each playthrough is the loss of Laura’s eye. After being held prisoner by Travis Hackett for nearly a month, he finally shows Laura the truth about Max’s bite by handcuffing her to a pipe outside his cell. Despite his distance from the bars, he is still able to reach out after his transformation and gouge out her eyes.

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Laura then uses her limited medical knowledge to patch herself up. When the pair finally escape from the police station, she is last seen in bloody bandages. Later that night, when meeting with the counselors, Laura suddenly has a nice leather eye patch to complete her badass aesthetic. Did she find it on the side of the road? Maybe it’s a free prize of a bag of peanut butter lollipops?

6 Why weren’t Caleb and Kaylee locked up?

It is around 6:30 p.m. when everyone realizes that there is one more night left at the camp. Whether you stole the rotor arm or broke the fuel line, your ride is kaput and won’t be able to take the Security Advisors until morning. That should have given Chris plenty of time to round up Caleb and Kaylee and make sure they’re locked in to protect his employees for one more night.

Chris has a no cell phone policy during camp, but surely it couldn’t have hurt him to send his kids a “Hey, home before dark tonight please.” text. It could have prevented a lot of bloodshed and even protected the two siblings from harm. That wouldn’t have prevented the events of The Quarry, however – Silas would still be hunting and attacking Nick and the others.

5 How come Max and Laura’s parents didn’t reach out?

Laura and Max are held prisoner by Travis for 58 days before breaking free to spend the night with werewolves and their long-lost colleagues. Some parents may welcome the idea of ​​spending a summer away from their children, but wouldn’t you be concerned if you didn’t hear a glance from them for nearly two months?

Chris has a strict “no cell phone” policy at camp – each counselor must return their phone on the first day of camp and collect it before leaving. Even if the parents knew, shouldn’t they still expect a letter or some other type of update? Writing at home is an essential camp activity, so it’s certainly surprising that neither Laura nor Max’s parents started sniffling after the first month or so. There’s always a chance that Travis sent fake letters full of juvenile soliloquies and the latest gossip.

4 How are everyone’s relations after the game?

The early chapters of The Quarry are all about building friendships and flirting with fellow councilors. From watching Jacob and Emma face the end of their summer adventure to witnessing Abi and Nick’s last-minute confessions, the game does a great job of engaging you with the characters and investing in their relationships with each other.

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At some point, once everyone is separated and fighting for survival against the werewolves, it all seems to go away. There are conversations about how everyone feels throughout the game, but he never offers closure on anything he set up earlier. After beating The Quarry you see who survived and who didn’t, but it would have been nice to include more information in these clips. Did Ryan end up seeing Dylan or Kaitlyn after camp? Did Abi convince Nick to stop telling her terrible paint jokes?

3 Where are the other cops?

The Quarry never reveals the size of the town outside of Hackett’s Quarry – North Kill -. After Travis helps Laura and Max in the prologue, he insists they go to the local hotel for the night. If North Kill is big enough to have a hotel, shouldn’t there be more than one policeman on staff?

Travis’ legitimacy as a cop is questioned earlier in the game, but he clearly has access to a police station and wears an official badge. Even the smallest towns usually have at least two or three officers on duty, so it doesn’t make sense that Travis is the only one. Plus, he spends so much time stalking Silas that there’s no way he’s also handing out parking tickets and investigating noise complaints on the side.

2 Why can’t werewolves feel Abi and the others without blood on them?

Besides holding your breath for a ridiculously long time, one of the few things you can do to avoid werewolves is cover yourself in some of their blood. Jedediah and Bobby Hackett are often seen covered in blood to protect themselves, and they even try to shower the counselors with gross stuff to help keep them safe. Despite the game’s emphasis on the importance of wolf blood, there are still several times when an advisor escapes a werewolf attack without it.

The first instance is when Abi flees after Nick is attacked in Chapter Three. Abi is chased through the woods by Silas before finally hiding behind a rock. The werewolf approaches within a few feet of Abi and doesn’t seem to smell her even though she isn’t covered in blood. This inconsistency is present throughout The Quarry and makes you wonder if the Hackett family misread a fortune from a cookie and just decided to start spilling blood on each other.

1 Do peanut butter pops exist?

One of The Quarry’s fanciest moments occurs when Jacob discovers a certain treat from his childhood known as Peanut Butter Butter Pops. Many of the other counselors are unfamiliar with the sweet product, but once Nick sees them, he breaks into a dance with Jacob as they sing the snack jingle together. Based on their reaction to something that’s “its own sub-kind of food snack,” we’d like to eat it ASAP.

If a snack has the power to make these two sing and dance, there must be something special about them. Months after kicking off the in-game credits, you might forget The Hacketts, but you’ll never forget the snack that gave two men the highlight of their day. Peanut butter popsicles may or may not exist, but they certainly seem like the perfect snack for your next game of The Quarry.

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