Premier League talking points: Insufferable Guardiola, goodbye Nketiah, Ayling fortunes | Soccer | sport

At this stage of the season we all tend to show our true colors and for all of us in Pep Guardiola’s eyes, that’s red. It’s funny the things managers worry about as the season draws to a close and after putting himself ahead of the pack and within sight of the finish line, Guardiola looks worried that no one seems to like him.

Sir Alex Ferguson has never complained about it and if Guardiola thinks he has problems with his popularity among neutrals…

Some things are better left unsaid – about the one thing Jesse Marsch could say about Luke Ayling’s sending off which will leave him without his captain for the rest of the season. Sure, sometimes those missing words are the most reassuring and Eddie Nketiah can send Arsenal back to the Champions League, but his manager doesn’t even pay lip service to him that he might not be able to join the team there. .


Nothing lifts the spirits of English football fans than to see a man who has the best team in the world, the biggest budget and the biggest strike line on the touchline complaining that no one likes him. Perhaps it’s time to look in the mirror and wonder if Manchester City’s perceived unpopularity is actually Guardiola’s unpopularity. England like their top performing fighters in any sport to have a bit more grace.

It’s a version of the Novak Djokovic effect. At a Grand Slam to be the best player of this glorious generation and yet a light year from Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer to be the most appreciated.

Explosions like the weekend one don’t help. Who cares if people like Liverpool more? The more erased Jurgen Klopp has been working hard on his outward projection but would graciously trade all that in an instant for four extra points right now.


The transcript on the club’s official website suggests that Mikel Arteta usually commented on ‘Eddie Nketiah’s future…’ However, he was specifically asked that if the striker wanted to stay, was there a contract ready for him? .

So Arteta’s eulogy becomes a clumsy way of not answering the question. “Eddie is doing what he’s been doing all season, he’s been very consistent with his performances and the little he gives!” he said. “Let him, let him enjoy the moment because he completely deserves it and things will just happen naturally.”

Given the opportunity to embrace an out-of-contract player at the end of the season and keep the inevitable hounds at bay, the odds were completely gone. Which isn’t something you associate with Nketiah at the moment. But this silence speaks volumes.

Helen L. Cuellar