Predator teases a shocking new motive for its killer aliens

Marvel’s deadliest predator hunter is becoming the hunted, as the killer aliens have a new motive that drives them to exact revenge on Theta.

Warning! Spoilers for Predator #5 by Marvel ComicsThe Ultimate of Marvel Comics Predator hunter is hunted by the alien creatures she killed, as an upcoming story will overturn the Yautja’s motives as they seek revenge against Theta. In a new preview for Predator #5 by Marvel Comics, Theta finds herself a prisoner. However, instead of hunting Theta for sport, the Predators attempt to kill her in an eerily personal way for killing their dead family.


The last series of Predator for Marvel Comics has breathed new life into the franchise by flipping some of its biggest tropes on its head. The series follows Theta, who watched her family and science team get murdered by predators. As a result, Theta has made it her mission to exact revenge on the deadly predators, training and killing the creatures as she searches for the specific aliens responsible for the tragedy. However, Theta is about to find out that Yautja’s motives are also about to exact revenge, as a preview for Predator #5 reveals that they will seek revenge for those she killed.

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In a new preview for Predator #5 by Ed Brisson and Kev Walker of Marvel Comics, Theta becoming the Ellen Ripley of the Predator the universe, unfortunately, ends with his capture. However, it was not the predators who captured her, but another mysterious threat. But capturing Theta isn’t going to rule out her encounters with Predators, as they’ll be looking to bring her down. But, the Predator’s motives don’t seem to serve the alien killers’ larger purpose of hunting big game trophies; instead, they seek revenge on her for killing their kind. Discover the cover of Predator #5 by Leinil Francis Yu.

The Predators hunt for sport, not revenge, so seeing them focused on taking down Theta and avenging those alien killers she brought down is an exciting twist. However, the Predators’ mission is no different than Theta’s, as the only reason she hunts the Predators in the first place is because of the aliens who murdered her family. See the solicitation for Predator #5, which teases Theta’s mysterious captors and the Predators’ new motive.

Theta has been taken prisoner…but his captors are not the Predators! Who are they? And can Theta escape? Or will the Predators finally avenge their fallen loved ones?

Marvel’s deadly new Predator hunter has turned creatures into prey, so with the alien killers realizing Theta must be brought down, they change their motives to exact revenge on those she lost. Readers can see predators trying to get revenge when predators #5 from Marvel Comics hits comic book stores and online retailers on December 7, 2022.

Helen L. Cuellar