Police hunt three boys after Oxford burglary

Thames Valley Police are hunting three youths who caused £2,000 damage to a hospital building in a burglary.

The force has released CCTV footage of the boys the office wants to speak to about the incident.

The incident happened on Sunday October 10, 2021 at around 2.45pm on Ledgers Close in Littlemore, Oxford.

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The youths approached the hospital building and threw trash from the nearby dumpster and urinated on the side of the building.

They then broke into the building and caused £2,000 damage and stole a box of masks.

PC Investigator Daniel Squires, based at Cowley Police Station, said: ‘We would like to appeal to anyone who recognizes the boys in these images to contact us as we believe they may have information. related to this incident.

“You can get in touch by reporting online or by calling 101 quoting reference number 43210456798.

“Alternatively, for 100 per cent anonymity, you can also call the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

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