High School Old Girls first year champions – The Gisborne Herald

The old high school girls hoisted the Jan Duncan Memorial Trophy for Gisborne Netball Supremacy at the YMCA on Saturday and deserved it. They won 41-36 over Whangara Old Girls in the Pak’nSave Gisborne Netball Center’s first final. F45 High School Old Girls were leading 15-11 at the end of the first quarter, then 27-16 […]

Hundreds of prototype Xbox and Dreamcast games leak online

Project Deluge, a team that collects prototypes of video games for archival purposes, shares nearly 500 projects for the Dreamcast and the original Xbox. As modern games continue to implement restrictive online requirements and DRM, an urgent effort is growing within the video game community to preserve and archive classic game versions. Deluge Project is […]

The deities and inspiration of the Egyptian gods explained

Gods of Egypt portrays various gods inspired by Egyptian mythology, with their own unique qualities and behaviors that guide their stories. Gods of egypt derives the main characters from Egyptian mythology which creates alluring plots for the film. The plot initially follows the story of two brothers, Osiris and Set, played by Bryan Brown and […]

Corporal Lance Kareem Nikowi, Cpl. Hunter Lopez, Staff Sgt. Nicole Gee recalled the heroes and sacrifices in California.

Employees of the Sacramento Municipal Public Corporation area will raise a flag and display Marine Corps photos. Sgt. Nicole L. Gee, a hearse carrying her body, passes Thursday, September 16, 2021 in the middle of Mount Vernon Memorial Park in Fair Oaks, California. (AP Photo / Rich Pedroncelli) OAN press room12:16 p.m. Pacific Standard Time […]

The Gathering releases new cinematic trailer for Innistrad Midnight Hunt

Magic: The Gathering is releasing a new cinematic trailer to celebrate the pre-release of the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt set. Over the past two years or so Magic: The Gathering started celebrating the launch of many new sets with high-quality narrative cutscenes (check out all of the previous Magic trailers here). These trailers usually feature at […]

Sheppard controls the Gerald Haers Memorial

Matt Sheppard in action Saturday at Land of Legends Raceway. CANANDAIGUA, NY – To win at the Land of Legends Raceway, you often have to defeat true living legends. Seven-time Super DIRTcar Series champion Matt Sheppard accomplished this by fending off Billy Decker and Tim Fuller to win the Gerald Haers Memorial and the $ […]

Archaeologists to dig at Nazi V2 rocket site in St Mary’s Platt

A team of expert archaeologists is hoping to learn more about the German use of V2 terrorist rockets during WWII by excavating the site of a rocket detonation near St Mary’s Platt. Colin and Sean Welch, who head Research Resource Archeology, will begin digging at the site tomorrow. Colin and Sean Welch of Research Resource […]

Hunter X Hunter: Killua’s 10 biggest failures, ranked

The only member of Hunter X Hunter ‘The original cast of 287th Hunter Exam failure is called Killua Zoldyck. The young assassin may have been able to defeat Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio, but that doesn’t mean he’s less prone to failure. RELATED: The 10 Worst Things Gon & Killua Did To Each Other As a […]

Rachael Fraley: 4-H offers a sport shooting course – La Tribune

The 4-H Sports shooting program is an opportunity to get involved in a sport with a lasting impact. In Lawrence County, the 4-H Shooting Sports program offers eight core disciplines: Archery, Crossbow, Hunting & Wildlife, Living History, Muzzleloading, Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun. All disciplines are taught by certified 4-H instructors. Youth learn the basics of […]

All possible outcomes for Ferelden’s hero before DA4

The Dragon age The series puts players in control of some very powerful and important characters within its universe. Throughout the games, players stop a plague that could have destroyed the world, ultimately rule the town of Kirkwall, and launch the Inquisition on a sacred quest. These roles help to place players in interesting positions […]