Marvel Calls In “Mogul Mowgli” Director Bassam Tariq For His Vampire Hunter Movie “Blade”

After extensive research that took months of meeting a multitude of talents, Marvel’s new film “Blade” found its director in filmmaker Bassam Tariq. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tariq is currently in talks to lead the feature film project, wrapping up research that began in the fall of 2020. He is known to have directed […]

Kendall Cotton: A bucket list for new Montanais | Chroniclers

2. Follow the Montana diet Whole Foods kale chips and avocado toast aren’t an option for many Montanais. For families like mine who grew up in rural areas, most of our food came from our seasonal garden and the public land elk my dad had harvested the previous season. Hunting is not just a sport, […]

More supervised hunting, changes in deer hunting, endangered species are on the program of the Pennsylvania Game Commission

The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners will consider an expansion of the species available to new hunters taking advantage of the supervised hunting programs when they meet on Friday and Saturday July 23 and 24. If approved a second time at the next meeting, the supervised hunting program will expand to include waterfowl, bear and […]

New Heritage Trail Launch at Pittville Pump Rooms – Gloucestershire Film & Culture

Look for clues, take a self-guided audio tour, and try on outfits on the new Pittville Pump Rooms Heritage Trail. Explore the history of Pittville Pump Rooms on an immersive new heritage trail launched in the iconic Regency Grade I listed building from September 2021. Bringing its history to life, visitors can choose the methods […]

Mel Fisher’s treasure hunters uncover silver and gold coins from the 1622 Spanish galleon Atocha

Rare Atocha gold coin found, valued at $ 98,000 or more if from rare currency Mel Fisher’s Treasures diver Zach Moore aboard the ship JB Magruder shows off the rare gold coin he recovered on July 16 from the sinking of the Atocha. (Image Mandy Miles / Keys Weekly) Mel Fisher’s Treasures’ salvage ship JB […]

Shooting tips: how to hit more ducks and ducks

The beginning of autumn brings many hunting opportunities, but it is also the privileged moment for our first collective whimper. You know, when shooters are swinging on a seemingly easy duck or dove, but then breathe in and out in disbelief. The apologies follow: I practiced all summer. What the hell? OrIt was exactly like […]

How fast is fatal? A short physics lesson on the 51G Verstappen crash at Silverstone

Speed ​​doesn’t kill. On May 26, 1969, the Apollo 10 command module recorded an almost unfathomable speed of 39,938 km / h (or 11 kilometers per second) on its return to Earth after a round trip from the Moon. To date, they are the fastest humans to ever travel. A little closer to home, Andy […]

Explore the deep ocean and hunt for lost wrecks in a new online game

From the Australian National Maritime Museum’s third game installment, Wreck Seeker sends players in search of some of Australia’s most prized wrecks dotted around Australian waters. The latest game, designed for middle school students (10-15 years old), is not only a fun experience for kids, but also an equally rewarding experience that touches on conversations […]

Fantasy battle royale confirmed as August PS Plus game

Usually, Sony doesn’t reveal a new month’s PlayStation Plus game lineup until the end of the previous month. However, with Hunter’s Arena – an upcoming fantasy battle royale game – launching next month, Sony has already confirmed this as part of the August PS Plus lineup. Hunter’s Arena is set to launch on PS4 and […]