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The first images of Sony’s Uncharted adaptation debuted at CinemaCon and it features Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake falling from a plane.

The first images of the upcoming live-action adaptation of Sony’s video game franchise Unexplored shows Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake falling from a plane. While everyone focused on Holland other next blockbuster (this month of December Spider-Man: No Path Home), Sony is quietly preparing its next big video game adaptation for theaters. Release initially scheduled for June 2016, Unexplored has been delayed several times with different names attached to the star and the live. Holland officially entered the film in 2017, signaling that the film version would follow a younger version of its lead character.

Mark Wahlberg will play Victor “Sully” Sullivan, Nathan Drake’s longtime mentor and partner who helps the young fortune hunter on his adventures. Sophia Taylor will also appear as Chloe Frazer, Nathan’s love for games. Production for the film took place throughout 2020 and at one point Sony had planned to release the film in 2021. Now, Unexplored is set to debut in theaters on February 18, 2022.

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With Unexplored which premieres in just under six months, no footage has yet been released to the general public. However, Sony has just previewed previously unreleased footage from the film at CinemaCon. In the brief clips, a few footage is shown, including one with Nathan Drake entering a cave-like area. Another shot shows Sully saying, “I offer you a chance to find / discover things that you have only read.“The Silver Shot appears to be a teaser for a major action sequence where Nathan Drake is seen falling from a cargo plane with some of the cargo falling with him. Finally, the sizzle reel ends in a shot of Sully at some sort of auction.

While Sony has been low key on the adaptation, probably waiting to get on the hype train of Spider-Man: No Path Home, it looks like the studio may start heavily promoting the film soon. While Holland is already hugely popular due to his turn in the MCU, with the hype surrounding the actor’s return as Spider-Man, Sony could certainly build on that by teasing yet another blockbuster with the young star. Unexplored is the perfect movie to do just that.

Just as exhilarating as Spider-Man, Unexplored is a whole different beast and it looks like Holland will finally get an origin story for one of his characters after Spider-Man: Homecoming overturned convention and introduced a fully trained, albeit naïve, Spidey. Wahlberg’s brief dialogue certainly hints at Nathan Drake being brought into the fortune hunting realm, but it looks like he’ll be thrown into the world head-on if the action scene description is. an indication. In addition, the scene described is reminiscent of an action sequence from the third Unexplored video game where Nathan falls from a plane over a desert. Sony will likely include these footage and more in a first trailer for the film and it could happen soon after all.

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Source: CinemaCon

  • Unexplored (2022)Release Date: February 11, 2022

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