Mikel Arteta and Antonio Conte slammed as ‘the Chuckle Brothers’ after first four losses

Arsenal and Tottenham are battling for the Premier League top four but inexplicably allowed Manchester United back into the race after their win over Norwich

Mikel Arteta and Antonio Conte slammed as ‘the Chuckle Brothers’ after first four losses

Mikel Arteta and Antonio Conte have been compared to the Chuckle Brothers after setbacks in the top four.

Arsenal and Tottenham both stumbled over the weekend despite a Champions League place up for grabs. Brighton rocked north London for the second week in a row to claim all three points as Southampton beat Spurs.

It’s been a turbulent time for the Gunners since returning to domestic football after the international break, losing all three Premier League games – including against Crystal Palace and Brighton. Arsenal had been favorites to clinch fourth place after holding the job with three games less.

Tottenham, meanwhile, were in fine form after beating Newcastle, Aston Villa and Everton. But when the pressure set in and a top four spot became available, they panicked and lost at home.

And former Premier League star Jamie O’Hara has slammed both clubs, comparing Arteta and Conte to the Chuckle Brothers who will see United slip under their noses for a Champions League place. The Red Devils have had a nightmarish campaign but their victory over Norwich put them one game away from reaching the top four.

Speaking on talkSPORT, the former Spurs midfielder said: “What are we doing?! What are Spurs doing? What are Arsenal doing? anyone want top four?I feel like it happens every season.

Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal have lost three Premier League games in a row

“And the worst thing that will happen is that United will get fourth place.” At this point, radio host Laura Woods chimed in to say, “It’s like we’re holding the door open and saying ‘you go’.”

O’Hara continued the track which played like a Chuckle Brothers skit, adding, “No you go, keep going!” Woods replied: “And then United are like ‘go on, thank you very much! “”

United will certainly feel more confident in their unlikely battle for a top-four spot away from north London, but tough games loom on the horizon, starting tomorrow night. The Red Devils travel to Anfield to take on Liverpool, who are chasing the Premier League title.

Many expect Jurgen Klopp’s men to beat their rivals as Arsenal take on Chelsea this Wednesday night, which is their current game. Tottenham might consider Brentford the easiest of the three teams to face, but they have been in fantastic form since the arrival of former Spurs star Christian Eriksen.

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