Lost Ark Spearfish Hunting Guild Ship Location Guide

Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel is a traveling merchant ship that you can find in almost every port in Lost Ark. In this guide, we will give you complete details about this Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel and its location in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Harpoon Hunting Guild Ship Location

One of the easiest to find Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel in Lost Ark that will respawn every fifteen minutes is that of the Port Wavestrand.

You can purchase various items and upgrades from this Merchant Ship in exchange for Gienah Coin.

But there is also a special resource called Bilbrin Woods which is needed to upgrade your ship in Lost Ark. This resource cannot be found or purchased at the start of the game and can be found at Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessels in specific ports.

Below we will tell you in detail how you can get this special resource to improve your ships in Lost Ark.

How to get the Bilbrin Timber in Lost Ark

Bilbrin Timber can only be purchased from two merchant ships in Lost Ark.

How to get the Bilbrin Timber in Lost Ark

You can buy Bilbrin Wood from the Harpooning Guild ship at Rohendel Harbor in Shiverwave Lake. However, to reach Rohendel, you will need to be at least item level 460 and complete a quest called A new journey.

Once you meet the requirements mentioned above, you can go to the merchant ship in Rohendel Harbor, Lake Shiverwave to purchase the Bilbrin Timber.

Sometimes it may happen that you reach the port but cannot find the merchant ship as it keeps turning ships around.

In this case, you can talk to other fishing vessels and find out when it will respawn after finishing its navigation.

You can buy a Bilbrin wood for 25 Sceptrum coins. You can also buy it from merchants in your Fortress at the same price.

Once you have a Bilbrin Timber, you can upgrade your ship so it can travel through more challenging waters and help you explore more areas in the Lost Ark.

Helen L. Cuellar