John Hunter Nemechek – No. 4 Mobil 1 Tundra Camping World Trucks Bristol Preview

Knowing that you are already locked in the Round of 16, how are you going to approach Thursday night’s race in Bristol?

“Points don’t count in Bristol, the only thing that matters is trying to win both stages and the race. We just want to win the race and get points in the playoffs. With us already locked up, our eyes are all on Las Vegas for the following week for this next round. It’s all about wins, # Here4Wins. “

Bristol is one of your favorite tracks?

“It’s true, Bristol is one of my favorite places to go. I like that you can run at the bottom and you can run at the top. It’s a concrete surface and the track changes a lot – I have a lot of fun with it. Being able to run up and down on a running track is so much fun. It also brings you back to the roots of short track – high banks, a very fast running track. It runs like a short track and when it is under the lights of the last great Colosseum spirits heat up and sparks fly. I think running in the spotlight is one of the best things as a fan that you can watch. “

With so many guys around the cutoff line to move on to the round of 8, do you expect it to be an aggressive run on Thursday night?

“I really think it will be a super aggressive race. You look at the dividing line and there are five to eight guys 18-20 points apart. It can change a lot of things, if you have a bad run or get stuck in a wreck it can change your whole playoff result. I’m glad we’re locked in, compared to being outside. Overall I think it will be a very aggressive race as is the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series each week.

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