Hunting tournaments – new bonus from Softswiss sportsbook

Softswiss is increasing the bonus opportunities of its sports betting platform with the launch of a new exclusive option – Chase Tournaments. New is another tool to gamify the online betting process and increase player engagement.

Softswiss Sportsbook’s hunting tournaments are the first of their kind in the sports betting market. The combination of simple rules and captivating mechanics make this feature a real must-have for online betting brands looking for innovative instruments to attract new players.

The tournament begins with the announcement of the prize pool, which is reduced with each player’s wager. At the same time, each bet earns the player a certain number of bonus points which turn into Freebets when the sum of the bonus points is equal to the player’s average bet. The opportunity to get a Freebet disappears when the sum of bets reaches the sum of the pot, adding more rush and excitement to the betting process.

The operator can customize the bonus according to brand needs or relevant events. For example, it can be adapted to a monthly tournament or to a promotion dedicated to a particular sport or to sports tournaments such as world championships or the Olympic Games. In addition, thanks to its flexibility, the bonus can focus on a specific category of players.

“We have taken another step forward to expand our portfolio of exclusive bonuses to gamify sports betting. This is what we are working on now! These features are an effective opportunity to promote your brand or events and work flexibly with different markets. As for the players, they have the opportunity to choose a game strategy and still win despite their streak,” noted Alexander Kamenetskyi, Product Owner at Softswiss sportsbook.

Earlier this year, bookmaker Softswiss launched the lootbox bonus and free bet booster. Both features aim to enrich the player experience.

Helen L. Cuellar