HUNTER × HUNTER x Puzzle & Dragons Collaboration Event

Channel your Nen and prepare for the ultimate test as HUNTER×HUNTER joins Puzzle & Dragons in a new collaboration through May 29, 2022. The series follows Gon and his friends as they hone their skills to succeed in the demanding hunter review. Players will be rewarded with exclusive prizes and free draws from the Egg Machines collaboration.

The path to becoming a hunter is long and you will need a friendly ally in your quest. To give all players a fighting chance, anyone who logs in during the collaboration will get a free draw of the HUNTER×HUNTER Commemorative Egg Machine and the HUNTER×HUNTER 2 Commemorative Egg Machine. Draw iconic characters like Gon and Hisoka, or attract dastardly villains like Chrollo and Feitan.

Prove your hunting skills

Show the Hunter Association your skills by beating three dungeons:

  • HUNTER×HUNTER will feature many beloved HUNTER×HUNTER collaboration characters.
  • HUNTER × HUNTER Phantom Troupe gives players a chance to avenge the Kurta clan and win prizes such as HUNTER × HUNTER Medal – Gold to be redeemed at the Monster Exchange.
  • HUNTER × HUNTER challenge! is an all-out brawl against monsters and beasts. Clear it on the first try to earn rewards and a free draw of the HUNTER × HUNTER Memorial Egg Machine 2.

Overcome your opponents and get your license

Once you’ve fought, take your medals to the Monster Exchange for collaboration-exclusive monsters and characters. You can earn the calm and collected Illumi, get a hunter’s license, and more!

Fight and succeed together

If you want to be the only one in a hundred thousand to pass the hunter’s exam, you’ll need to build a team you can trust. Special bundles will help you gather the best leads.

  • 20 Magic Stones + Assassin Family Elite, Killua Egg Machine: Grants 20 Magic Stones, a draw of the Assassin Family Elite, Killua Egg Machine, and a special HUNTER × HUNTER Orbs skin when a player receives Assassin Family Elite, Killua for the first time times for $19.99.
  • 20 Magic Stones + ★7+ HUNTER×HUNTER Egg Machine 2: Grants 20 Magic Stones and a Draw of the ★7+ HUNTER×HUNTER Egg Machine 2 for $19.99.
  • 1 Magic Stone + HUNTER × HUNTER 2 Egg Machine: Grants 1 Magic Stone and HUNTER × HUNTER 2 Egg Machine draw for 0.99 USD.

Helen L. Cuellar