How to Farm Airship Parts in GW2

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  • Participate in the Verdant Brink meta-event
  • Completion of the map in Verdant Brink

As you travel across Tyria and complete new maps in Guild Wars 2, you will come across a card-specific currency. It is a type of currency that can only be collected and spent on a single card. At Verdant Brink, the motto is Airship Parts. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to gather enough airship parts.

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Fortunately, we have all the answers you are looking for. In this guide, we will review the most efficient ways to farm airship parts in Verdant Brink. Let’s first see how to earn airship parts by participating in adventures.



The adventures are mini-games that appear around the map, allowing you to participate in a small timed event. These adventures can begin by traveling to locations marked on the map with a character symbol holding a stick. If the symbol has a yellow cape, then the adventure is open and you can participate. If, on the other hand, the figurine does not have a cape and there is a padlock next to it, you cannot participate for the moment.

There are five adventures that can be found in Verdant Brinkwhich are listed below, along with the tasks.

Adventure Location Tasks
Insects in branches Jaka Itzel Use your glider to pick up insects that hover in the branches.
flying circus Withered Depths Slide through the rings on a course.
recovery pit Veiled Ruins Gather supplies from a pit filled with dangerous tendrils.
Photo gallery hidden grove Shoot as many dummies as possible.
Spin flares Rumbling border Burn tendrils in an airship that crashed without blowing you up.

For each adventure, you can get a bronze, silver or gold reward. This level depends on your performance, with the gold reward including five airship parts.

To effectively farm airship parts through adventures, we recommend that you fill the recovery pit. It’s an easy adventure that doesn’t take long to complete, allowing you to quickly gain experience and airship parts at the same time.

Airship Cargo Opening

The four Heart of Thorns cards will also have Map-specific chests that require a separate item to unlock. At Verdant Brink you can Open Air Cargo using Pact Crowbars, which are earned by completing events on the map.

A normal airship cargo drop hold up to 68 airship pieces, and have a small chance of containing another small bag filled with up to six airship parts. While exploring Verdant Brink, be sure to open any cargo you see lying on the ground.

Nuhoch Hunt

Nuhoch Hunting is the first mastery you can unlock in the Nuhoch Lore mastery track. This becomes available once you enter Tangled Depths, the third Heart of Thorns map.

Once you have unlocked Nuhoch Hunting, enemies will have a chance to drop a Nuhoch Hunt Stash filled with map-specific currency. If a Nuhoch Hunting Stash drops while you’re in Verdant Brink, it can hold up to 130 airship pieces.

Verdant Brink’s meta-event involves a day and night cycle. During the day, the Pact prepares and when night falls, the enemy arises. Most events that occur in Verdant Brink are part of this meta-event.

Completing events in Verdant Brink will earn you Airship Parts. This is one of the most efficient ways to farm Airship Parts and Pact Crowbars simultaneously, allowing you to open cargo and find even more Airship Parts.

At the end of an event in the meta, airship cargo has a chance to land in the area. Be on the lookout for new cargo that can be opened with pliers!

If you’re looking for an efficient way to gather Airship Parts while actively participating, we recommend taking part in the Verdant Brink meta-event.

Completion of the map in Verdant Brink

Map completion can only be done once per character, but once you have fully explored Verdant Brink, you will be rewarded with 50 Airship Coins.

If you’re new to Verdant Brink, participating in the meta-event for the first time will take you around the map, allowing you to complete events and discover new areas at the same time.

Opening safes

Finally, we have safes. These are hidden boxes that reward you with a variety of loot, as well as a mastery point if it’s your first time opening it.

Safes can be opened once per day and can reward you with up to 25 airship pieces. There are five safes in Verdant Brink, so be sure to check out our guide on how to find them all.

That’s all there is to farming airship parts! The main point to draw from this is Complete events in the meta to earn the coins and tongs.

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