How to Complete the GTA Online Scavenger Hunt: All Scavenger Hunt Locations

One of the reasons that GTA Online is so incredibly popular is that the game is full of all kinds of fun activities. Whether it’s plotting robberies, playing arcade games, or relaxing in a park with a group of friends, players can do a number of exciting things in GTA Online.

If players feel like they’ve suffered too much from the typical Grand Theft Auto chaos, they can take a break and go in search of treasure.

After receiving an email from [email protected], GTA Online players will be able to embark on this incredibly exciting quest and get their hands not only on the much-wanted treasure, but also a bonus item.

Complete list of GTA Online scavenger hunt locations in 2021:

While the prospect of treasure hunting sounds exciting, it’s not all beer and bowling. First of all, players should know all the places where treasure normally tends to appear. Also, this is a game quest, so if the player quits halfway, they will lose all progress and have to start over.

The email from [email protected] will contain a black and white image of an unmarked location. Out of 20 images, the game will automatically choose one for the player. The relevant location will be marked on the map.

When the player approaches the treasure in the search area, they hear a chime, indicating that they are close to their target. After discovering the first clues, they will have to go to the 3 locations indicated below. These marked points contain further indications of the final location:

1) Corpse in the Tongva Hills

Tongva Hills (Image via Rockstar)
Tongva Hills (Image via Rockstar)

2) A bloodstained shovel at Sandy Shores

Sandy Shores (Image via Rockstar)
Sandy Shores (Image via Rockstar)

3) Empty pistol holster at Joad Lane, Grapeseed

Joad Lane, Grapeseed (Image via Rockstar)
Joad Lane, Grapeseed (Image via Rockstar)

The players have gone on a tumultuous journey and must take their time to unearth these clues. Being a sleuth doesn’t quite stick to the usual GTA Online script, but it does invigorate the gaming experience. Players should keep their eyes peeled and roam these places to progress further.

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