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Kulve Taroth was included in the Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Update 2.0, a perfect addition for players looking to challenge themselves by defeating the Golden Ancient Dragon. Kulve Taroth is a returning monster from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, and again, defeating her is a timed quest.

While no Kulve Taroth Eggs can be obtained from this quest, valuable rewards are received for obtaining Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals. This new quest can be accessed by visiting a quest board, browsing multiplayer co-op quests through online play or local play, and selecting “(Time) The Goddess of Gold. “The quest is limited to 30 minutes and requires Brachydios, Astalos, and Kulve Taroth to be slain within the allotted time. Here’s how to defeat Kulve Taroth in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 will provide an NPC partner for those who play solo in Local Play. Anyone of high rank can begin this quest, and it does not require an Expedition Ticket. The guaranteed rewards for all achievements under 30 minutes are 32,400 Zeni and 6,380 XP. Completing the quest within the specified time frame will grant you these additional rewards:

  • Expedition Ticket (R) x3 (Bronze finish in less than 28 minutes)
  • Bottle caps x10 (Silver finish in less than 23:00 minutes)
  • Expedition ticket (SR) x1 (Gold finish in less than 8:00 p.m.)

Other than being high rank monsters, there is nothing special about Brachydios or Astalos in this Monster Hunter Stories 2 quest. Players will just want to make sure to defeat them quickly so that they have enough time for Kulve Taroth.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: How To Beat Kulve Taroth

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin Blanket

Preparing to fight Kulve Taroth in Monster Hunter Stories 2, the first step is to assemble a suitable Monstie team to capitalize on its weaknesses. The best Monsties to bring in are a mighty Thunder Elemental Monstie with devastating power and speed attacks, and an Ice Elemental Monstie with superb skill and speed attacks. Unsurprisingly, the Monsties that best fit this description are the Elder Dragons. Kirin and Velkhana. In addition, all weapons brought in must reflect the elements of those Monsties.

Preparing items is extremely important for this quest. Players will want to make sure to bring in Life Dust and Life Dust for Team Healing, as Kulve Taroth regularly uses attacks that will cause multiple teammates to faint at once. The fight against Kulve Taroth involves a lot of part breakage, so equipping the Talisman Partbreaker (XL) is the best choice. Cool Mist is another necessary item and should be used before combat. While not very important, players are also encouraged to bring a variety of grilled meats to this Monster Hunter Stories 2 fight for their additional benefits. Finally, players should make sure to bring aloe leaves and burning ointments.

There are two parts to the fight with Kulve Taroth, starting with the dismemberment of his iconic golden mantle. She will use technical attacks at first, so players should start by having the Thunder Elemental Monstie and the player character use powerful attacks.

Kulve Taroth will switch to using power attacks when she becomes enraged, so players should be sure to counter using speed attacks. The objective of the first combat stage is to break as many parts as possible, forcing her to flee deeper into the rare Monster Hunter Stories 2 lair. The players must follow it to begin the second step.

At the start of the second stage, players must pass the leading Monstie to the Ice Elemental Monstie. In the second stage of the fight, Kulve Taroth is more powerful and agile than she was in the first. She will start using speed attacks and will continue to use power attacks when enraged. The goal is to break his horns. This will result in a knockdown, allowing the player character and Monstie to perform critical attacks for maximum damage.

Kulve Taroth is at her deadliest level when enraged in stage two. She can easily eliminate several opponents in one hit who do not have all the HP or who are not at a high enough level. In addition to inflicting powerful area-of-effect attacks, Kulve Taroth can attack twice in a turn. Overall, it is recommended that all Monsties brought into this fight be between level 65 and 70, but no less than level 60. Additionally, the most powerful individual weapon to use in both stages is a Slash weapon, with a Blunt weapon dealing the second most amount of damage to its parts. In the second stage, Kulve Taroth’s pieces are resistant to Pierce’s damage.

Although Monster Hunter Stories 2 has been out for almost a month and a half, not everyone will have Kirin or Velkhana on their teams. As long as they have strong attacks and the right types of attacks, there are plenty of other Monsties that can substitute for these two ancient dragons. Here are some examples :

  • Thunderlord Zinorge
  • Bloodbath Diablos
  • Nergigante
  • Rajang
  • Dread Queen Rathian

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Although they are not directly listed as rewards, each monster defeated in “The goddess of gold“will award coins and experience points. Players will also receive a reward for completing the first stage of combat with Kulve Taroth, which rewards more of his coins for each broken piece. Like all fights in Monster Hunter Stories 2, the amount of the reward is affected by the rank of the fight. For example, Monster Hunter Stories 2 S-rank battles always produce more rewards.

After completing the quest, players can head to the nearest blacksmith to view Kulve Taroth’s armor set and weapons. Both male and female sets are made from his golden coat and contain the Slugger (XL), Health Boost (L), and Soul Kinship (L) perks. Slugger (XL) greatly increases the chance to stun a monster, while Soul Kinship (L) greatly increases the speed at which the Kinship Stone gauge is filled. Kulve Taroth’s pieces can be used to craft a sword, sword and shield, bow, hammer, spear, and hunting horn.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

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