How much does Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak cost?

Considering how drastic Iceborne was for Monster Hunter World, expectations are incredibly high for the new DLC. Sunbreak is sure to change the meta effective, obsolete virtually all current gear. And given that engaged players ran out of content in the base game, the June 30, 2022 release date will be a big day. For players looking to purchase the DLC, they might be wondering how much Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak costs.

All prices

The basic expansion of Monster Huner Rise Sunbreak is $39.99. As for the deluxe edition, it costs ten dollars more, amounting to $49.99. The deluxe edition provides cosmetics, but that’s about it. Keep in mind that these prices are in USD and do not include taxes. These prices apply to both the Steam port and the original Nintendo Switch port. Both ports also receive the extension on the same date. Given that the original game costs about the same, the concern for value for money is definitely in question.

After all, it’s a bit pricey for a simple DLC. Well, although nothing has been officially tested, the price will most likely be worth it. Especially for players who yearn for more Monster Hunter content. Iceborne evolved the entire franchise, virtually creating an entirely new game. Although technically DLC, the Iceborne expansion packs enough content to truly be considered a separate entry in the franchise. Monster Hunter Sunbreak was released as an expansion for Monster Hunter Rise with the same scale of upgrades as Iceborne. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak likely contains enough content to double players’ playtime.

In conclusion

Considering they’ve extended Sunbreak’s release several times, Monster Hunter Sunbreak’s debut probably won’t disappoint. The Monster Hunter franchise developers have a great history of creating absolute bangers for their mainline series, providing players with irreplaceable gaming memories. Although the cost of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will likely go on sale in about a year, for those who want to get in early, the price should be worth it.

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