Get a credit loan to buy a report building

You have decided to invest in real estate and your choice is on a building report? This already means that you are ready to take on a big challenge, a challenge that promises to be advantageous if you adopt the right strategies for the acquisition of your building. In order to quickly take advantage of your property, the best alternative is to acquire a mortgage. However, you must be particularly convincing with your credit institution, especially since the credit to be claimed promises to be high. Here are some ways to improve your borrower profile.

The personal contribution to impress the banks


Since the purchase of a building is a major investment, banks are often reluctant to release a loan without a concrete guarantee. It is at this stage that personal input comes into play.

Indeed, if you are planning to buy this type of property, you must certainly have a large enough amount of money that you have set aside. Do not hesitate to make a personal contribution to the bank because the game is worth the candle.

Having an irreproachable situation towards his bank

Having an irreproachable situation towards his bank

If you have a bank account and have never been exposed, note that this situation works in your favor. Indeed, credit institutions usually require the presentation of the last three statements of account.

These documents allow them to judge how borrowers manage their finances and to identify who can benefit from credit.

Pay off your debts

If you want a credit for the purchase of a building, you must pay all your debts before applying. In fact, taking out a loan means going into debt while the banks are now applying a debt ratio of 33%. Beyond this rate, the demand for mortgage is immediately refused.

Indeed, real estate credit that finances the purchase of a building report already leads to this debt ratio. With other forms of credit added (consumer credit, revolving credit, etc.), the debt ratio is well above that allowed.

Demonstrate professional stability

For any mortgage application, banks are very strict so as not to fall on insolvent customers. Thus, to put the odds on your side as to the agreement of the mortgage, you must show that you have a stable job.

With a contract of indefinite duration, you will easily seduce the banks and even more if you receive a high salary.

Highlight your ability to save

If you are planning to buy a report building, do not hesitate to demonstrate your ability to save if this is the case. In fact, people who manage to save money on a regular basis easily get credit. It should also be noted that banks are much more likely to save money from those who earn a high salary but find themselves exposed every month.

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