Four-star Hunter Osborne picks Alabama over Texas and others

Hunter Osborne is heading to Tuscaloosa, AL. He won’t have to drive very far to get there. The talented defensive lineman from Alabama State chose the Crimson Tide over Texas, Clemson, Tennessee and others.

Osborne momentarily flirted with the idea of ​​coming to Texas, but after receiving the Alabama offer he was dreaming of receiving, he chose his national team.

Texas hoped his ties to former teammate Judge Finkley might win him over, but ultimately the 6-foot-4, 250-pound lineman opted to stay home.

Osborne is the No. 12 defensive lineman and No. 113 player overall in the nation.

With a number of players set to commit soon, let’s take a look at some potentially imminent battles in which Texas could win.

Cedric Baxter Jr.

Decision date: August 10

Overall (On3 consensus): #50

Position: No. 4 running back

Status: Player #13 in Florida

Derion Gullette

Decision date: August 5

Global (On3 consensus): #137

Position: No. 18 edge rusher

State: Texas player No. 22

Jalen Hale

Decision date: September 7

Global (On3 consensus): #74

Position: No. 13 wide receiver

State: Texas player No. 14

Braylan Shelby (USC skinny)

Decision date: August 6

Global (On3 consensus): #138

Position: No. 19 edge rusher

State: 23rd player in Texas

Jordan Matthew

Decision date: to be determined

Global (On3 consensus): #129

Position: corner half n°15

Status: Player #8 in Louisiana

Javien Toviano

Decision date: before the start of the season or at the start of the season

Global (On3 consensus): #34

Position: No. 4 safety (he will probably play cornerback)

State: No. 5 player in Texas

Mikal Harrison-Pilot

Decision date: During or after the season

Global (On3 consensus): #148

Position: Athlete #5

State: Player No. 26 in Texas

Helen L. Cuellar