Elon Musk Dings Twitter For Blocking New York Post’s Hunter Biden Laptop Story

And you, Elon? The day after a deal was struck to buy Twitter and take it private for a whopping $44 billion, the Tesla chief made his views on digital free speech more widely known, calling the platform’s freeze. -form in 2020 of the New York Postfollowing his story about Hunter Biden’s “incredibly inappropriate” laptop. After Saagar Enjeti, media personality known for hosting The hill webcast Rising before the tenure of notorious “no bs broadcaster” Kim Iversen, mentioned the laptop story in a tweetMusk responded“Suspending a major news organization’s Twitter account for publishing a true story was obviously incredibly inappropriate.” Twitter and Facebook took action in October 2020 to limit the spread of the To postunconfirmed claims at the time about President Joe Biden’s son, preventing users from sharing links to the story. For about two weeks, Twitter also locked down the To post out of his account. Although former CEO Jack Dorsey later said the move was a “mistake”, the Federal Election Commission determined in 2021 that the platform’s stifling of the story did not violate election laws. At least some of the laptop’s contents have since been verified and authenticated by The New York Times.

Helen L. Cuellar