Chef’s Elite by Chef AJ is the best hunting slingshot available today

John Huffer, better known in the country as “Chief AJ” and creator of the Elite Sling Bow, holds a record for shooting 1,500 flying targets in a row using paintballs as ammunition. He has distilled his slingshot expertise into the best hunting slingshot currently available on the market, known for its high efficiency and shocking accuracy.

Chef AJ first showed off his incredible slingshot abilities in 2008 at the Big Red Barn in Tuscola, IL during a two-day event and exhibit. The event drew a large crowd of witnesses and even caught the attention of 3 local TV stations. During the stunning display of marksmanship, 6-inch discs were thrown into the air and Chief AJ managed to splatter a paintball into the center of the target which was impressive as he stayed in the air for only 1.5 seconds. This feat brought Chef AJ to the attention of the producers of Top Shot, a show on the History Channel. The display of his skills on the show was so impressive that he was also invited to appear on the National Geographic Channel, where he won a barrage against a fully automatic, laser-guided machine gun.

Not wanting to rest on his laurels, the world record holder then turned his attention to improving his slingshot to be more effective against hunting prey in the wild. He started by trying to put stronger bands on a wooden sling. However, the wooden frame could not withstand the shearing forces and repeatedly broke. He then turned to master craftsman Ray Priest and asked him to build a metal-framed slingshot. The metal frame was stronger and had the strength to hunt pheasants. Chief AJ took the metal slingshot to hunt pheasant on Anything Wild, a hunting show on the Pursuit Channel. That’s when he had his great idea to put an arrow rest on the frame of the slingshot to shoot animals.

The result was the creation of the precursor to the Elite Sling Bow. On the first attempt, with full length hunting arrows with Muzzy broad tips, Chief AJ caught a deer 30 yards away in Ohio. This caught the attention of Tony Reaves who ordered one of AJ’s slingshots and then, four days later, harvested a deer. To date, early prototypes of the Elite Sling Bow have bagged bucks, deer, moose, caribou, white-tailed deer, black and grizzly bears, turkeys, a 450-pound red deer and a 210-pound alligator gar.

Today, the Elite Sling Bow is the best option for anyone looking to hunt with a sling. It weighs only 1 pound. It has a grooved finger grip, an ambidextrous folding arrow rest and an integrated folding wrist brace. The product also comes with the company’s BAP (Ball and Arrow Pouch) with D-loop. Hunters can choose between different power bands and the product comes with an extra set of those. The Elite Sling bow can be used to shoot balls, rocks, full length hunting arrows, etc. The handle is threaded to hold all bow attachments. The arch bends down to just 1.5 inches thick. The website says the bow is perfectly sized to fit in a backpack, fanny pack, or back pocket. The product is also packaged in a plastic shell with an instruction and safety manual.

The product’s rendezvous with fame is still ongoing. On May 5, 2015, Chef AJ and Tony Reaves were asked to do an “Elite Sling Bow” hunt for The Wall Street Journal. The WSJ sent a reporter to see if AJ’s elite could harvest the big game humanely. The WSJ also sent a former US Marine Corps combat officer to report on the hunt. At the end of the hunt, Tony and AJ both bagged pigs weighing over 200 pounds each, all in front of the WSJ reporter, combat officer and video cameras. The successful hunt was then featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal on June 8, 2015.

Readers can learn more about the Elite Sling Bow and order one for themselves by heading to Chief AJ’s website.


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