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Vote on whether Peterborough is ‘appropriate’ for the Festival of Hunting

The city councilors will debate next Wednesday a motion presented by Cllr Ansar Ali who, if approved, will ask the authority to express its opposition to the event. The motion of the Labor and Co-operative member of the North Quarter states: “This council believes that Peterborough is no longer a suitable place to host the […]

Pat Ryan hails Cork’s’ savage ‘second-half performance as young rebels’ title defense on track

Cork U20 pitching manager Pat Ryan praised his players’ ‘savage’ performance in the second half to keep Cork’s Munster and All-Ireland U20 title defense alive. “Tipperary blew us away in the first half, they probably should have been a bit more up at half time. We just let them throw themselves too easily, we didn’t […]

Kendall Cotton: A bucket list for new Montanais | Chroniclers

2. Follow the Montana diet Whole Foods kale chips and avocado toast aren’t an option for many Montanais. For families like mine who grew up in rural areas, most of our food came from our seasonal garden and the public land elk my dad had harvested the previous season. Hunting is not just a sport, […]

How fast is fatal? A short physics lesson on the 51G Verstappen crash at Silverstone

Speed ​​doesn’t kill. On May 26, 1969, the Apollo 10 command module recorded an almost unfathomable speed of 39,938 km / h (or 11 kilometers per second) on its return to Earth after a round trip from the Moon. To date, they are the fastest humans to ever travel. A little closer to home, Andy […]

British Grand Prix result: Lewis Hamilton wins after Max Verstappen fell in first round in clash with rival

Lewis Hamilton won the Formula 1 British Grand Prix on Sunday after Max Verstappen fell in the first round after meeting his title rival. Championship leader Verstappen started from pole position at Silverstone after winning the first F1 sprint race on Saturday, but the Red Bull driver’s left rear tire struck Hamilton’s right front tire […]

Outside: Have something in common with Sgt. Pepper | Sports News

CAST for children CAST for Kids is an organization that serves children with special needs, as well as their families, through the sport of fishing. This Sunday, it will host Haley’s Heroes CAST for Kids at Lake Waco. The organization is partnering with Texas Farm Bureau Insurance, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and other […]

How to get sports holiday insurance – Forbes Advisor UK

Whether you’re planning to go mountain biking or scuba diving on your next getaway, making sure your travel insurance covers you could be the best 10 minutes you’ve ever spent. After all, while standard travel insurance policies may cover certain sporting activities, adventure, extreme, or winter sports are likely to be excluded. So, before the […]

Novak Djokovic passes the biggest tests of the next generation of tennis stars so far

You have to go back to the 1960s to find a comparison of what Novak Djokovic is accomplishing in 2021. In the 1960s, tennis was trying to find the cleanest path as tournaments were divided into professional and amateur events (and “amateurs” seemed to be making money to cover their “expenses”), choosing finally opening all […]

Wade Ormsby wins 204 bottles of whiskey with Hole-In-One

There is nothing much sweeter than sinking a hole all at once. Unless you’re Australian golfer Wade Ormsby, who managed to land one on the 12th at this year’s Scottish Open, in which case you are – 204 bottles of the sweeter Glengoyne Highland Single Malt Scotch whiskey ( and literally, as you will soon […]

Kalvin Philips remembers suspending the Safair adventure to participate in the Three Lions

Around the same time last year, Kalvin Phillips was planning a safari in Kenya with his girlfriend. As it stands, Three Lions picked him up instead and now the only big game the Leeds midfielder cares about is the European Championship final. On the anniversary of the 5-0 victory over Stoke that brought Leeds to […]