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The viral video of the cat playing a game on an iPad like a pro has been posted on Reddit.

Videos showing cats playing online games on tablets are not uncommon but they never fail to make people happy. These are the clips that have the power to lift someone’s mood almost instantly. Just like this video showing a cat playing a game on an iPad. Originally shared on TikTok and later on Reddit, the video is super fun to watch.

The video opens to show the little cat sitting in front of an iPad. The cat then begins to touch the objects appearing on the screen to destroy them and the little one plays the game almost like a pro. At one point in the video, the hairball even touches the iPad in a way that makes it look like she’s trying to adjust the tablet into the correct position. Throughout the video, the cat continues to play the game enthusiastically.

Take a look at the video which is shared with a caption that reads, “Graceful hunting practice. ”

The video was posted about two days ago. Since being shared, the video has gone viral and racked up several upvotes. In fact, so far the share has acquired over 65,000 upvotes and the numbers are only growing. The sharing also prompted people to post various comments. Some kept talking about the scene where the cat puts the iPad back in its original position after pushing it away.

“This is the dumbest hunt ever,” wrote one Reddit user. “He hasn’t quite figured out the hunt yet, but the little guy is doing his best,” posted another. “The way this little kitten evens out the iPad, incredibly cute,” said a third. “This is both adorable and hilarious,” posted a fourth. “I can explode with cuteness!!!! Adorable!” commented a fifth.

What do you think of the cat video?

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