Carmel High School student’s article focuses on the environment

As we approach the end of the school year, HiLite the staff wanted to explore non-traditional ways of telling journalistic stories. Inspired by other high school newspapers, we decided to develop a thematic issue, focusing specifically on one topic. Almost unanimously, we agreed on our theme: the environment.

When developing the issue, we decided to write stories about the environment while keeping the traditional news sections. This allowed us to develop unique stories that explored aspects of climate change and environmentalism that weren’t usually addressed. Check out the many stories below.

Virtual issue: the environmental question

Little house, big help
See tiny house components, environmental aspects, benefits

fair game
Hunting should be recognized as a human right for indigenous and tribal peoples

hateful hunt
Large-scale hunting is a threat to ecosystems, should be regulated

A whole act
Unconstructive performative activism, impedes climate movement progress

Free food error
Dietary criteria for school meals should be updated based on student needs

Plant a garden
Student, CCPL Librarian and Hamilton County Master Gardener discuss the Free Seed Program at the CCPL Seed Library

Stay alive
PA biology students and a teacher discuss a self-contained ecosystem project

Students make clothes for sustainability, against fast fashion

Race with fashion
People should stop supporting fast fashion companies with negative environmental impact, start supporting small businesses

Public life
As public figures become more prominent in student lives, we should revisit their impact on environmentalism

Everyday environmentalists
In eco-friendly efforts, students are increasingly using sustainable alternatives rather than single-use plastics, trash

Green thumb
Students and teachers reap the benefits of gardening

GAC into the future
Green Action Club members address the ever-changing environment, climate change

Switch to savings
Students and teacher consider the environmental implications of saving

Suburban sprawl
Students and city officials discuss the effects of suburban expansion on the environment

don’t waste
Student and staff discuss implications and solutions to food waste at school

pink promise
Students call for implementation of Carmel’s climate action plan

Creation treatment
Students and activists draw inspiration from religion to improve the environment and engage in activism

Sports studies the impacts of sports racing on the environment

Too hot to handle
Athletes discuss worrying about sweltering heat during their seasons

shoe sanctuary
Q&A with Junior Brandon Trinh on Shoe Collection, Collecting Refurbished Shoes

Helen L. Cuellar