Boston Red Sox 2021 Dustin: Hunter Renfroe Slugs, Cooks, Hunts, Fish, Shares Same First Name With Dustin Pedroia

BUFFALO – Dustin Hunter Renfroe.

This is his real name.

The Red Sox right fielder’s first name is actually Dustin, but his parents and everyone else always referred to him by his middle name, Hunter.

“I never knew my name was Dustin until I went to school when the teacher called me Dustin,” Renfroe said. “I was like, ‘Who is this kid Dustin? And then they’d say, ‘Renfroe.’ I was like, ‘Wait. Does anyone have the same last name as me? ‘ “

Renfroe – who won the Grand Slam in the Red Sox’s 13-4 victory over the Blue Jays on Monday – is having a productive season for Boston. The 29-year-old has 14 home runs and 16 doubles with 52 RBIs and 48 runs. He has reduced by 0.260 / 0.317 / 0.456 / 0.773 in 83 games (328 appearances at plate).

He also has 11 assists in the outfield (leading all right fielder in the big leagues) and 2 defensive runs saved.

But Renfroe is more than just a baseball player. He is a cook, hunter and fisherman. The three things go together. He cooks what he eats and catches.

“Anything we could take or harvest,” Renfroe said ahead of the Boston rain here Tuesday at Sahlen Field in Buffalo. “I love to cook. I love to do it. I have family and friends. I cook, have a good time and spend time with them.

Red Sox auction off ‘Players’ Favorite Things’ baskets again raise funds for The base. Renfroe’s Favorite Basket currently has the highest bid ($ 650) and certainly shows his personality.

In addition to the autographed keepsakes (bat and ball), it includes seven bags of bait and gear, wire cutters, a bar head bottle opener, tackle box, oven mitt and spatula Red Sox, his favorite seasoning he uses for cooking (Creole seasoning and Dale’s Steak Seasoning) and his favorite book, “A Look at Life from a Deer Stand: Hunting for the Meaning of Life” by Steve Chapman.

“I do a lot of deer hunting in the off season,” he said. – So any kind of deer, venison. We prepare a lot of fillet, which is basically the back of a deer. We usually get it, tenderize it and marinate it, then cut it in half or butter it up and basically stuff it with cream cheese, jalapeños and wrap it in bacon, all together. And throw it on the grill.

“So obviously on special occasions we go to Sam’s and take tomahawk ribeyes and have the family and watch football,” Renfroe added.

He loves bass fishing.

“My wife and I are going out and going bass fishing in our pond,” Renfroe said. “We basically built a pond in our backyard. “

How to build a pond in the garden?

“Some call it a lake. I mean, it’s seven acres, ”he said. “So it’s not like a small pond. We basically had a large ravine behind our house. And basically, we contained it. And the water obviously came and filled it over time.

He also enjoys fishing for catfish with his buddies on weekends.

“Go over there and run lines and stuff like that,” Renfroe said. “So I just love to be outside no matter what I’m doing. “

Renfroe isn’t sure exactly why his parents always called him by his middle name instead of Dustin.

“My dad has his middle name,” Renfroe added. “So I don’t know if that’s it or maybe they just prefer Hunter.” But it stuck. “

Hunter’s father is called Perry Todd Renfroe. But everyone calls him Todd.

“My dad was always a great outdoorsman, not necessarily a great hunter,” Renfroe said. “He loves going to our camp with all of his friends he grew up with. More just to get away from it all … and go watch football and hang out with the guys. I kind of grew up going hunting with some of my buddies, some of their kids. And I really got into it. And I’m really big in it. I love going out in the woods and just thinking about myself. It’s my way of relaxing after the season.

Renfroe is from Mississippi and played college ball at Mississippi State, which beat Vanderbilt in the 2021 College World Series.

“It’s huge. It’s important for the whole state of Mississippi, not to mention the state of Mississippi,” he said. “This is our first national championship. So obviously we’re very much into it. proud, and the children, I’m sure, are also very proud of it.

Renfroe feels like he’s back to where he was in 2019 when he made 33 home runs for the Padres.

“I feel like I’m on the same track as in 2019,” Renfroe said. “I don’t hit as many home runs as in 2019. But I feel like my approach is the same as in 2019. Make a little more contact. The second half of 2019 I got injured. So I hope that doesn’t happen. But I feel like I’m on the same path. I feel good on the plate. I can see the ball well. As long as I can keep hitting and taking balls, I think we’ll be in good shape. ”

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