Beth Chapman recalls 2 years after her death by her dog and family

This weekend marks the 2nd anniversary of the sudden and tragic death of Beth chapman, the ex-wife of Dog the bounty hunter and matriarch of the famous family of bounty hunters. In honor of the sad moment, Dog the Bounty Hunter and her family, including the woman he is now preparing to marry, pay tribute to Beth and remember how badass she was.

Emotional tribute to Beth’s daughter

Bonnie Jo Chapman / Instagram

Bonnie chapman, the only daughter shared between Dog and Beth, wrote a lengthy tribute to her late mother on Instagram. While Beth was hospitalized and battling cancer, Bonnie regularly updated fans on her mother’s condition and found support in the online community who prayed for Beth’s recovery.

“You haven’t been here for two years. It had been so painfully long since I had seen your smile face to face. It’s hard without you. I do the things you told me to do, I still follow all the advice you gave me, ”Bonnie captioned a wacky photo of her as a child alongside Beth.

She continued:

“I am grateful that you are no longer in pain, but it has been hard without you. I am discovering more and more about you every day thanks to the stories of our friends. I am becoming more and more grateful for the unique relationship we have had. I know you are proud of every strip tease I’ve done, and no one can deprive me of it. I am grateful for the laughter and understanding we had from each other. Sometimes I really miss you yelling at me for not learning a recipe with you, now I wish I had. Every day is hard, but you taught me to endure. Every year it will be like a new injury, but I know I will see you again.

The dog will always love Beth

Duane “Dog” Chapman also took to Instagram to leave his own special tribute to his late wife in a video he once shared in the early days after her passing. In private footage of Beth rocking Bruno Mars’ hit song, “Perm,” from her album 24K Magic at a family reunion, the late reality star is seen strutting around in front of everyone’s excitement in the restaurant.

“Beth,” Dog captioned the video with one word. It’s clear that although Dog has found a new love and is learning to find happiness in his life, he will always love Beth and mourn her loss forever.

New dog wife pays homage

Selfie of Francie Fran and Dog the Bounty Hunter
Francie Frane / Instagram

Being the new woman in a relationship can be difficult, and no one has felt that pressure more than Francie Frane, a 51-year-old rancher from Colorado who fell in love with Dog the Bounty Hunter almost a year after Beth died. Although Francie initially took a little warmth from Dog’s family, she has since become an accepted member of the family and showed her respect for the family’s tragic history with a message to the late matriarch.

“Two years ago today you returned home to paradise, your loss has been felt around the world. Today, as we stood by you for the strong and incredibly powerful woman that you were and the LEGACY you will always wear, we miss and love you very much, ”Francie wrote with a photo of Beth.

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