Arceus Shinies Make Alpha Pokémon Less Interesting

Shiny Pokémon in Legends: Arceus makes Alpha Pokémon less desirable, as Alphas are widely available and less needed as the game progresses.

Pokémon Alpha in Pokemon Legends: Arceus are overshadowed by the previously elusive Pokémon Shiny, causing Shiny Fatigue for Legends: Arceus players. When Game Freak came out Legends: Arceus on January 28, Alpha Pokémon was one of the many anticipated new features added to the latest line of Pokémon games. Alpha Pokémon are bigger and stronger than regular Pokémon that the player encounters while exploring the open world. They are worthy opponents in battle and, if defeated, provide the player with rare items. If caught, the Alpha Pokémon will become a powerful ally to the player in the Hisui region.


Shiny Pokémon were introduced to the Pokémon universe in 2000 with Generation 2, Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, and are like regular Pokemon, except they’re a different color. Other than the change in color scheme, which can sometimes be minimal, Shiny Pokemon’s only special feature is rarity, which is exactly what makes them so desirable. They are highly sought after in both games and trading cards and add another layer to the goal of catching them all. Pokemon Legends: Arceus introduces Alpha Pokémon, a new, stronger type of Pokémon. Players have seen different forms of stronger Pokemon in games, like Dynamax in Pokémon Sword and Shield and mega evolutions in Pokemon X and Y.

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Even though Shiny Pokémon has been around for over two decades and Alpha Pokémon only a few months, Shiny Pokémon has stolen the show in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Alpha Pokémon are useful to players when first exploring Hisui, especially when they stumble upon a group of higher level Pokémon. However, once a player progresses through Legends: Arceus and improves their own team, Alpha Pokémon lose their value. Players need to catch certain Alpha Species in order to reach Wanted Level 10 in the Lsons-in-law: Arceus Pokédex, but once a player has leveled their team enough, Alphas become obsolete.

Legends: Arceus Shinies are easy to catch but rarer than Alpha Pokemon

Pokemon Legends Arceus Shiny Charm Chimchar

After the player defeats the Noble Pokémon in each area, the Alpha Pokémon will appear with a spawn rate between 1/500 and 1/50 depending on species, weather, and time of day. Considering the number of Pokémon a player encounters while exploring Hisui, these are decent odds. Alpha Pokemon also tend to be easy to spot due to their size and glowing red eyes. Shiny Pokémon have a spawn rate between 1/4,096 and 1/128 in Legends: Arceus depending on the research level in the Pokédex, if the player is in a mass (or massive mass) outbreak, and if the player has obtained the Shining Charm.

Although it’s easier to catch Pokemon Legends: Arceus than in previous games, Shiny Pokemon are in most cases significantly rarer than Alpha Pokemon, and therefore more rewarding to catch. Finding these rare Pokémon brings the player a sense of accomplishment that Alpha Pokémon lack due to their relative availability. Alpha Pokemon are useful and are rarer than the average roaming Pokemon in Hisui, but they’re just not as special as they should have been. If Game Freak made Alphas rarer, harder to find, or even gave them their own special color scheme, Alpha Pokémon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus could have at least shared the limelight with Shinies, rather than being overshadowed by the existing Pokemon class.

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