All Omni Chips at Coney Crossroads

Fortnite is rolling out another batch of Omni Tokens for players to collect, including some at the popular Coney Crossroads location.

Week 8 of fortniteThe current season of has officially kicked off, bringing with it a new set of challenges for players to complete. In addition to the regular fortnite quests in the season’s multiple categories, a new wave of Omni Chips have appeared on the island, including some at the Coney Crossroads player access point.

Epic Games’ unwaveringly popular free-to-play battle royale title enters the final weeks of its Chapter 3 Season 2. The eventful season started with a bang by temporarily removing its signature building mechanic, featuring an Imagined Order Territory Battle and The Seven rage at various points of interest in the weeks that followed. The Battlefront is currently in Tilted Towers, just southwest of where players will collect Omni Tokens.


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All Omni Chips at Coney Crossroads

The recent site of a battle against the IO, Coney Crossroads is an often hotly contested location this season, just behind the infamous Tilted Towers. While none of the Omni Chips are particularly hard to find, like the Omni Command IO Chips from last week, the center POI is bound to be filled with other players.

  • Omni 1 chip – The first Omni Chip location in Coney Crossroads is in the northeast corner of the area. Go to the garage next to the gas station, where the chip will be waiting for you inside.
  • Omni 2 chip – Players can find the second Omni Chip at Sofdeez, the pink ice cream shop east of Coney Crossroads. Climb to the outdoor terrace on the second floor of the building to collect the second chip.
  • Omni 3 chip – The third and final Coney Crossroads Omni Chip location is across from the second. Head southwest to go through the door in the southwest corner of the building, where the last token will be sitting on top of a fountain.

Once players have managed to collect all three Omni Tokens from Coney Crossroads, there is another set of Tokens to find at Shell or High Water. For those who may not be aware, Shell or High Water is a landmark located directly north of Shifty Shafts. Identifiable by its snow-covered hedge maze, players can find a chip in said maze, near a campfire, and in the nearby house. More obscure of a landing spot than Coney Crossroads, players may be advised to collect these Omni Chips first, giving a chance to gear up properly to better deal with any threats.

Beyond adding a new wave of Omni Chips around the island this week, recent updates have also removed some long-dormant items. In addition to enchanting the Choppa, fortniteThe v20.30 patch brings back nifty weapons like the Flintlock Pistol and Shotgun. The patch also reintroduces the Air Strike element, which rains down a 20-missile burst in place wherever it is launched, which might make collecting Omni Chips a little more difficult than usual.

fortnite is free on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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