11 times in games where the bosses outnumber you

Everyone loves a good boss. Even setting aside the thrill of challenge that comes with battling the toughest villains, there’s something particularly fulfilling about the hero (or his parties) taking on a powerful foe and proving the victor.

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“Well”, some developers ask however, “why stop there?” If defeating a single boss is a dopamine rush, a progression step, or just an excuse to feel badass for a while, then what about defeating it? of them bosses, or even three?


11 Ornstein and Smough – Dark Souls

The Dark Souls series of games is renowned for having both challenging and monumental boss fights, but even among the series’ staggering array of bosses, the battle against Ornstein and Smough in Anor Londo is probably the most famous example. in modern video games of a boss fight where you really feel that you are completely outclassed by the big bad guys.

While the presence of two bosses is intimidating enough on its own, the battle is heightened by the dynamic duo that complement each other perfectly: it’s hard work that keeps these two from keeping you on the ropes, and they know it.

ten Territory Battles – Monster Hunter World

Hunting and slaying Monster Hunter‘s titular beasts has always been tense, action-packed fun as you battle against building-sized creatures, using only visual context clues to be able to tell how much health they’re in. is weak.

The world’s debut in the series managed to elevate this tension by allowing two such monsters inhabiting the same map to collide, resulting in a struggle for dominance of their territories, and your hunter getting flattened by two beasts. raging if you’re not careful. At the very least, monsters tend to be more focused on each other than you in these situations, but sticking around can often cause the new monster to decide they don’t like the way you look at them. .

It’s true that you never fight FOX-HOUND members six to one, or even two for that matter, but the way the scene in KONAMI’s 1998 classic Metal Gear Solid plays out pits the protagonist against the elite rogue unit with next to nothing in terms of resources or support.

You might as well be trapped on the island with them, and spending your time on Shadow Moses defeating them one by one does little to ease the tension that builds over the course of the game as the threat of a nuclear weapon launch is getting more and more serious. . Throw each of their weird and borderline supernatural abilities into the mix, and that’s all you can do just to stay above water against FOX-HOUND.

8 Shadows of Yharnam – Bloodborne

Bloodborne bosses tend to overwhelm you with their large pools of health and violent attacks, and the Shadows of Yharnam are no different, although they do have an added advantage over the player in this three-player battle in the Forbidden Woods. . Even if you reduce their number, you are not safe, as certain transformations occur in each shadow as you reach different phases of the fight.

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Things don’t get any easier at the end, when the last remaining shadow summons giant snakes that smack you halfway through the arena, maintaining a numerical advantage until the bitter end.

seven Tartarus and the Bullies – Halo 2

Even if seeing a host of Halo 2 bullies didn’t make you groan about higher difficulties, the final fight against Tartarus and his waves of boss rank reinforcements is enough to make you swear.

Previously, Halo lacked traditionally structured boss fights, so Bungie’s solution to an antagonist’s problem was to give them a ton of health and refill shields that can take a ton of punishment, like waves of high bullies. rank, each an important issue in their own right, appear to deal with. Let’s be honest, it’s not a very interesting time, and between that and the notorious cliffhanger ending, Halo 2 may not have been Bungie’s finest hour.

6 Rufus Shinra and Darkstar – Final Fantasy VII Remake

Even though you fight Rufus and his trusty pet in the original Final Fantasy VII, the encounter against them on the roof of the Shinra Building got a major overhaul in Square Enix’s remake of the 1997 hit JPRG. Now the way Rufus and Darkstar complement each other in combat is more fleshed out.

Each new phase of the fight unlocks a special attack, many of which see the master and hound combine their attacks to perform a devastating combo on an unwary player. Darkstar eventually becomes too injured to continue fighting, but while he’s here, this terrible duo do everything they can to throw you off balance.

5 Deacons of the Deep – Dark Souls 3

This boss fight has become something of a joke among Dark Souls 3 fans for its relatively easy difficulty in a game that doesn’t tend to let you down with its boss encounters.

This battle pits you against the clergy of a corrupt religion, with the spirit of their archdeacon – your target – hopping between hosts and eventually manifesting in his own body during the second phase of the fight. None of the hosts are particularly tough, and careful spacing can trivialize the fight – but stepping into this fight for the first time and feeling that momentary alarm as you realize how many of them are indeed a gripping moment.

4 Rage and Scream – Ace Combat 7

During your adventures in Ace Combat 7, you will face Rage and Scream, aviator siblings who are exactly as over the top as their names might tell you.

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Shortly after pointing out that your wingman might as well be popping popcorn out of the back of your plane on most missions, the duo are forced to swallow their words when the underestimated Count gets the kill. one of the twins, which makes the survivor hysterical for the rest. of the fight. The result is a memorable, if not particularly difficult encounter.

The Phantom Pain receives its fair share of criticism from fans for being particularly esoteric, even by Kojima’s usual production standard, and perhaps a bit unfinished.

However, there’s no denying that the skulls were a particularly standout part of the experience, and the levels involving the bunker and defense when the parasitic unit began their assault are some of the most tense missions in the game. a tank and can wipe out your health with relative ease: in a sense, once their assault begins, the level itself becomes a boss to defeat.

2 Twinrova – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This Ocarina of Time boss battle sees you mobbed by Kotake and Koume, a pair of twin witches who stay well out of reach and use their powers of fire and frost to keep you on your toes while you figure out how to to manage .

Reflecting attacks on each other does the trick until they finally combine in the second phase of the fight and deal Link one-on-one. However, they still don’t play fair, as they will continue to use ranged fire and freeze attacks even when transformed.

1 Halo Reach – Covenant Reinforcements

The final tier of Bungie’s latest Halo title pits the player against desperate and insurmountable odds, with waves of lower tier enemies leading the way to tanks, gunships, and higher tier enemies, all respawning endlessly until the main character is finally defeated.

The point, both narrative and mechanical, is to be outnumbered and overwhelmed – in that sense, the level is more arcade-like than anything else, even if the “game over” is the final death of the character of the player against waves and waves of boss rank enemies.

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