GonzoFest, a celebration of Hunter S. Thompson, returns this fall

He made us laugh while writing about having our heads full of drugs on a desert cruise, and he got us thinking, because he was one of the sharpest political minds of his generation. So, Hunter S. Thompson’s legacy as one of America’s most unique and wildest writers is worth celebrating. And, over the past […]

Boston Red Sox 2021 Dustin: Hunter Renfroe Slugs, Cooks, Hunts, Fish, Shares Same First Name With Dustin Pedroia

BUFFALO – Dustin Hunter Renfroe. This is his real name. The Red Sox right fielder’s first name is actually Dustin, but his parents and everyone else always referred to him by his middle name, Hunter. “I never knew my name was Dustin until I went to school when the teacher called me Dustin,” Renfroe said. […]

Vote on whether Peterborough is ‘appropriate’ for the Festival of Hunting

The city councilors will debate next Wednesday a motion presented by Cllr Ansar Ali who, if approved, will ask the authority to express its opposition to the event. The motion of the Labor and Co-operative member of the North Quarter states: “This council believes that Peterborough is no longer a suitable place to host the […]

Hunting licenses a little different this year | New

With antlerless deer license sales starting last week, hunters in Pennsylvania are now looking at 2021-2022 licenses and the new Hunt Fish PA license system. {/scope} Things are new. Things are a little different. It is understandable that there are a few bumps in the road. Hunt Fish PA replaces the Pennsylvania Automated Licensing System […]

Spotlight on Local Olympians: Hunter Armstrong of Dover

A 20-year-old sophomore at Ohio State University will compete in the men’s 100m backstroke in Tokyo. Columbus, Ohio – Hunter Armstrong admits he didn’t think he was here. “None of us really expected it,” he says. “It was a surprise to all of us.” But as the cliché continues, that’s why you play the game, […]

Pat Ryan hails Cork’s’ savage ‘second-half performance as young rebels’ title defense on track

Cork U20 pitching manager Pat Ryan praised his players’ ‘savage’ performance in the second half to keep Cork’s Munster and All-Ireland U20 title defense alive. “Tipperary blew us away in the first half, they probably should have been a bit more up at half time. We just let them throw themselves too easily, we didn’t […]

Kansas City Mavericks local rink to host Blues, Blackhawks and Mavs owner Lamar Hunt Jr. in talks with FOX4 | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV

Posted: Jul 20, 2021 / 2:03 PM CDT / Update: Jul 20, 2021 / 2:03 PM CDT INDEPENDENCE, Missouri – Kansas City hockey fans will catch an NHL game in October. The St. Louis Blues will host the Chicago Blackhawks as part of their preseason roster on October 2 at Cable Dahmer Arena in Independence. […]

Search for missing dog after big rig crash in Bangor

Authorities are asking people to be on the lookout for a large fleeing poodle in Bangor today. Trisha Bruen, animal control officer in Bangor, said the dog named Rocket fled from a semi-trailer platform last week. Its owner, an out-of-state driver, suffered a medical emergency on the freeway, causing the truck to crash. In the […]

Marvel Calls In “Mogul Mowgli” Director Bassam Tariq For His Vampire Hunter Movie “Blade”

After extensive research that took months of meeting a multitude of talents, Marvel’s new film “Blade” found its director in filmmaker Bassam Tariq. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tariq is currently in talks to lead the feature film project, wrapping up research that began in the fall of 2020. He is known to have directed […]

Kendall Cotton: A bucket list for new Montanais | Chroniclers

2. Follow the Montana diet Whole Foods kale chips and avocado toast aren’t an option for many Montanais. For families like mine who grew up in rural areas, most of our food came from our seasonal garden and the public land elk my dad had harvested the previous season. Hunting is not just a sport, […]